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Top 10 Beach Spas

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Summer is upon us and if you’re planning a vacation to a beach resort you should know which ones boast the best spas. Here’s a list of 10 of the most amazing beach spas from around the world from Spa!

Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa – Hawaii, United States

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa is located in Maui, Hawaii and offers a gigantic 50,000-square-foot spa, fittingly named Spa Grande. This spa has 40 treatment rooms and is known for its very personal services.


Summer Spa Deals

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


Rio Spa

Rio Spa

This summer the Rio Spa & Salon in Las Vegas will be introducing four new spa packages called “Summer In The City,” to coincide with the release of the much anticipated sequel to the quintessential “girls’ night out” movie. The packages are crafted to tailor to the unique personalities and characteristics of whichever one of the four Manhattanites you most identify with, each package complete with a complimentary Cosmopolitan.

The Fashionista ($220)
* The Stiletto Recovery Pedicure
* Shampoo and Blow Out
* The Age Smart Facial
* 1 Complementary Cosmopolitan

The Executive ($220)
* The Stress Relief 50 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
* The “Wax Much?” Bikini Wax
* Refresher Facial
* 1 Complimentary Cosmopolitan

The Park Avenue Princess ($220)
* French Manicure
* Runners Rescue Callus Eliminator Pedicure
* Thai Yoga Massage
* 1 Complimentary Cosmopolitan

The Cougar ($300)
* Little Black Dress Massage
* Microdermapeel Facial
* Designer Manicure
* 1 Complimentary Cosmopolitan

To book your “Summer In The City” spa package call 702-777-7779


Spa Bachelorette Parties!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Normally when you think of a bachelorette party you think of a bunch of girls going wild and crazy at a club or strip club in Las Vegas, but we have noticed that many brides today are beginning to use their chance to do whatever they want with their friends as a free ticket to the spa. Spa bachelorette parties have been gaining in popularity lately as these relaxing and fun alternatives let you and your friends spend some quality time together getting pampered and primed.

There are many companies that now cater to Spa Bachelorette Parties, some provide bachelorette party goers with yummy cocktails, food, and some even give you the option to have your spa party at home or at a special location. Sparty! is one such spa that offers bachelorette parties and blends their spa treatments with scrumptious cocktails of all types. Their Bachelorette Party services include signature drinks, hot stone massages, custom facials, manicures, and pedicures. Add-on options such as food, custom cakes, custom cocktails and gift bags are available.  (Image courtesy of Sparty!)

Spa Bachelorette Party

Spa Bachelorette Party


Spa Crawl – SPA WEEK Promo Video!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Facials, massages, peels, scrubs… Michelle Joni crawls the SPA WEEK Spring 2010 lineup to tell you all about the famous $50 Spa Treatment event, happening April 12-18.

Spa Week Deals in San Diego

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The 12th edition of Spa Week is right around the corner and runs from April 12th-18th, so we thought we would let our San Diego readers know about who’s on board and what deals you can cash in on next month. During Spa Week you can test out those less conventional treatments you’ve always wanted to try, or you can use the opportunity to get a good deal on your favorite treatment.

Nationwide there are more than 800 spas in 30 markets that will be taking part in the Spa Week deals with various $50 spa treatments. The treatments included in the Spa Week promotion will vary from spa to spa, so if you are in the San Diego area take a look at the list below, or if you are in another area check the Spa Week website to see what spas are participating and find out what treatments they are offering at the $50 promo rate.

Here is a list of San Diego spas and what treatments they are  offering for $50:


The Benefits of Mud Baths

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
Enjoying Natural Mud Bath

Enjoying Natural Mud Bath

Mud baths are ancient treatments that are rooted in tradition dating all the way back to the days of Cleopatra, who used mud from the Dead Sea to absorb the natural ingredients from the mud. While these treatments are fun and are used today more for a relaxing and luxurious experience, the practice has actually been used for centuries throughout Europe to treat rheumatism and various skin conditions. The use of natural occurring mud baths to help with these ailments is known as fangotherapy, which belongs to the wider spectrum of balneotherapy.

Recently (2007) a study found that mud baths followed by hot baths can reduce pain and other symptoms in people with fibromyalgia. This was actually a fairly important breakthrough for people suffering with this disease, yet has not been widely reported due to the stigma of many medicinal, natural and herbal treatments in the medical community. People are also using mud baths to treat ailments such as arthritis, muscle fatigue, nervous diseases, painful joint diseases, kidney diseases and as treatments for the urinary system.

While mud baths are an excellent form of therapeutic treatment for a variety of ailments and diseases, their most popular benefit is the one that they have on the skin. Many people throughout the world swear by mud baths as their fountain of youth, and this is not an unfounded claim as the mud does contain sulfur, chloride, fluoride and other natural occurring chemicals which help the complexion. In addition, when the mud dries, it also stretches the skin and helps with wrinkles.

These days you can find all types of mud therapy in nearly any day spa, as well as natural occurring hot mud baths. Natural mud baths can be found anywhere that there are hot springs or volcanoes which will also contain volcanic ash. Some of the more popular natural mud bath locations include the Zorritos mud bath in Peru, the volcanoes Miravalles and Tabacon in Costa Rica, the volcanic mud bath in Cartagena Spain, the Dalyan channels of Turkey, the thermal mud baths of Rotorua in New Zealand and of course the volcanic ash laden mud baths of Calistoga, California where Mt. Konocti erupted and where you will find the most famous geyser, Old Faithful.

SpaFinder Runs First Nationwide Deal Days This Week!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

SpaFinder is running its first-ever nationwide Deal Days, offering $50 deals on select spa services across the United States. SpaFinder’s Deal Days means you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments for just $50 at spas across America. This promotion started yesterday, March 8, and runs through Sunday, March 14, 2010. If you’ve been eying up your favorite, luxurious spa treatment, or if you want to experiment by trying something new, then this week is your opportunity! Click the image below to see how many spas in your area are offering this deal and visit SpaFinder’s Spa Deals page at

SpaFinder Deal Map

SpaFinder Deal Map

Two Major Spa Organizations Join Forces!

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The International SPA Association has just joined forces with the popular SpaWeek event and spa organization. Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing more than 3,200 health and wellness facilities and providers in 83 countries. The Spa Week Media Group Spa Week was founded in 2003 by Cheryl Reid, with the vision of building a successful national organization that works hand-in-hand with a constantly evolving industry. ISPA and SpaWeek share the vision of bringing the health and wellness benefits of the spa lifestyle to the world at large, and together are looking forward to accomplishing this goal.

As a kick off to ISPA’s 20th anniversary celebration, Spa Week Media Group will recognize ISPA as the exclusive spa association sponsor of the Spring and Fall SPA WEEK® events which take place in: Arizona, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Florida (Gold Coast), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto (Canada), Virginia Beach, and Washington D.C. The partnership will aid both organizations in spreading their visions of health and wellness to the masses.

A word from ISPA President Lynne McNees: “The spa lifestyle is accessible to everyone. Through our partnership with Spa Week Media Group we’ll be able to reach many potential spa-goers and inform them that the spa is the place to go to educate yourself on how to lead a more healthful and balanced life.”

A word from Spa Week Media Group CEO and President Cheryl Reid: “The joining together of Spa Week Media Group and ISPA brings together for the first time the two most significant players in the spa industry. This historic alliance between our companies will further our mutual goal to spread the wellness lifestyle to the masses.”

Read more at and at the Spa Week blog to learn more about their wealth of resources and information that they bring to the spa industry.

Dorchester Spa Ranked Best Spa in UK

Monday, February 8th, 2010

If you are one that enjoys glamor, Art Deco Designs, 1930’s elegance and the relaxing, unrushed, cup of tea sipping environment at your spa then The Dorchester Spa in London is perfect for you. The hotel regularly receives raving reviews and accolades such as the recent announcement two weeks ago by Michelin’s 2010 Guide for Great Britain and Ireland that Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester was awarded three Michelin stars, making it the only hotel in the UK to hold this coveted accolade. But now the spa has been voted the ‘ Favourite UK Hotel Spa 2010′ by Condé Nast Traveller readers, with an overall world-wide ranking of 12th in the World, and having the the top ranking in the UK.

Here are a few images of this beautiful spa:

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

Dorchester Spa London

State of the Spa Address

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Rejuvinating in the Spa

Rejuvenating in the Spa

To all our Talk Spas readers; we are here today to address the spa fanatics, members of the spa industry as well as the home spa enthusiasts of the world to let you know that the spa is here to stay. In the past year we may have not seen the spa industry or the number of home spa projects grow in number, but we did see the diversity in services and product offerings expand to a new high. Out of nowhere new markets have become much larger than before for the spa industry, including Medical Spas, Pet Spas, Teen Spas and even Baby Spas. In the past year, outrageous, amazing and extremely expensive spa treatments had their day in the limelight, while more custom, personal and home based spa services have continued to increase in popularity.

Las Vegas continues to be a hotbed for amazing new spas and more and more people are now using the quality of the spa amenities to choose their next resort or cruise vacation. While destination spas are still very popular, the home spa and more specifically the inclusion of a luxury steam shower with advanced technological systems continue to increase home values in these tough times.

Make no doubt that times are still tough for the spa industry as we have seen many close their doors and go bankrupt, but be clear that the surviving day spas, spa product manufacturers and resorts will come out of this downturn stronger than ever before. People across the world are beginning to re-discover how and why it is so important to treat your mind and body to spa treatments that provide relaxation that ultimately improves your overall health and well being. We can assure you that even if the tough times are not yet behind us, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, and the light will please your senses and rejuvenate your body and soul.

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