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Hammam at the Palms Place Hotel

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I recently got back from a mini Vegas vacation and had a wonderful time. I stayed at the Palms Place Hotel & Spa for the second time in a row and think I have a new favorite Vegas Spa as well. While all the amenities at the Spa are very nice, the Hammam is absolutely exquisite. The Hammam encompasses the age old traditions of Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain, and combines these traditional elements with a magnificent and innovative use of design and technology.

The Hammam is coed, which makes it the perfect for couples to relax together in a very romantic and sexy environment. Hammams also have a long cultural history of serving as a ritual cleansing experience and typical place for a social gathering. I can totally picture partaking in this Hammam with a larger group of friends, then jumping in the cold pool and going back into the Hammam, all the while having a great time.

Although the steam bath generator did have to turn on from time to time, instead of the typical sound of a generator turning on, the steam shower generator sounded like waves at the ocean! This was very reassuring and relaxing as I know that some steam showers sound like a jackhammer when they turn on and I was worried about that ruining my experience.

If you’re ever in Las Vegas and want to experience an excellent Hammam that is full of curves, with sexy lighting, cool mosaic-tiled booth benches and slabs, the Palms Place Hammam will provide you with exquisite, healthy entertainment!

Visit the Palms Place for more information at:

Palms Place Hammam

Palms Place Hammam

Palms Place Hammam

Palms Place Hammam

Palms Place Hammam

Palms Place Hammam

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SpaFinder’s Top 10 Spa Trends in the Past Decade

Friday, January 8th, 2010

One of the spa industry’s authority, SpaFinder, has published their top ten list for the top trends we’ve seen in spas in the past ten years. For more information visit SpaFinder’s blog at:

Top 10 Spa Trends of the Decade:

1. Indigenous Treatments
While one would see the use of local ingredients and local customs on occasion at spas decades ago, during the past decade this became an almost unspoken rule. Culturally-grounded ingredients, treatments and customs deliver that healthy native flavor, and they also represent the unearthing of special, often centuries-old experiences that could not be easily replicated. From a lomi lomi massage in Hawaii, to the Royal Javanese Lular wedding ritual from Indonesia, indigenous treatments gave spas a grounded ‘sense of place’ that has made each spa-going experience around the world truly unique.

2. Medicine and Spa
In the early 90’s there was very little overlap between medicine and spas. That has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. More doctors have ‘discovered’ that spa approaches contribute to health and wellness, specifically by targeting stress…(Perhaps even through their own experiences, say, by experiencing a massage after a round of golf at a medical conference). The forces driving this integration are diverse, but, basically, the spa and medical worlds began talking. Then, when Botox arrived in 2002, a new type of aesthetic/medical spa was born and the spa and medicine connection was solidified. Spas also got their act together, becoming more transparently health- oriented, and downplaying the ‘woo woo’ factor.

3. Organic
This was the headline story in spa products for the decade. The popularity of all things ‘green’ helped several obscure organic lines make it big, and nearly all spa product companies launched their own branded organic lines. The organic product trend also helped open the door for a more far-reaching eco-friendly, environmentally conscious zeitgeist throughout the spa arena – from spa building and design – to cuisine. And while it’s not yet garnering universal praise, at least it’s gotten things going in the right direction.

4. Men
While the decade saw a range of new demographics rush into the spa arena (from teens to pre-teens to babies and seniors), it was the steady stream of men making spa-going a regular part of their lives that’s had the most profound impact. While it took some doing to get men to try a spa for the first time, this ‘first time,’ typically, resulted in a second and third, etc. Men discovered there was more to this ‘spa thing’ than just idle pampering:  it was, in fact, the quickest way for them to reduce stress (something there was plenty of this decade), and it helped improve their sports performance. As spas with a traditionally female ‘pampering’ and ‘beauty’ emphasis were joined by those emphasizing male grooming, and the industry began to focus more on health and wellness, millions of men began to comfortably, eagerly hit the spa.

5. Wellness
The word ‘wellness’ was hardly used in the 90’s, not really appearing on the scene until after the millennium. A term that has its origins in Europe (combining the concepts of ‘fitness’ ‘and ‘well-being’), it gained momentum there as a positive alternative terminology…Because in Europe the word ‘spa’ had narrower connotations: either water treatments for sick older people, or, with the emergence of some newer spas like the swanky Brenner’s Park Hotel and Spa in Baden Baden – an association with expense and luxury. Because the word ‘wellness’ was such an apt word to describe places that offered fitness, massage, alternative medicine and healthy nutrition – increasingly the core mission of spas- the terms, understandably, have become tightly interwoven.

6. Spa Comes Home

The influence of spas on the home has its humble beginnings at the start of the decade, with spa-inspired consumers, say, purchasing a candle to use in the bath, or maybe
a loofah sponge.  In the years since, it’s blossomed into a booming industry of spa products, design, furniture, home amenities (like spa bathrooms), even clothing and cuisine. The trend reached its most bold expression with the birth of ‘spa living real estate,’ where consumers could actually ‘live at the spa,’ purchasing residences with spectacular spa/wellness offerings in new luxury high-rises or special communities. We’ve not only seen spa-ing burst the confines of its traditional walls – but a new term, ‘spa lifestyle,’ has emerged to describe a whole healthier way of living, thinking and being.

7. Yin of Luxury, Yang of Discount

While the last few tough economic years have put more industry emphasis on the  ‘yang’ of discount, the wider ‘spa decade’ definitely spent quite a bit of time on the ‘yin’ of luxury. The reality is, that with more than 80,000 spas across the world now, there’s plenty of ‘yin’ and plenty of ‘yang’ to go around. In almost every country across the globe consumers can find bargain-priced spas/treatments right alongside sky-high-priced options (with their bejeweled massage oils and exotic, over-the-top settings). As spa-going has become totally mainstream, there’s a spa now to suit every taste and budget.

8. Online Spa
At the turn of the millennium, there were many spas that didn’t even have websites.   Today, almost every spa – and even therapists and practitioners – have their own URL. But that’s just the beginning of the revolution: today consumers can search spas, book spa appointments in real-time, buy spa products, review spas and fully engage in new forms of spa-related social networking – all online. And with the Internet so well matched for wellness coaching, and new technology enabling medical diagnosis and virtual health records, unprecedented aspects of the spa/wellness experience are becoming available through the Internet. Only the therapists’ hands haven’t been brought online – yet.

9. Social Spa-ing
Spas traditionally put their emphasis on the pillars of exercise, nutrition and body and beauty treatments – while the social aspects of spa-going (which existed all along) haven’t garnered much attention…until recently. Now we know that social spa-ing (just like spa programs for sleep or brain health) is a recognized contributor to health and natural de-stressing. From the isolation of the massage therapy room and the whisper-only relaxation lounges, has come the recognition that spas are not only natural community hubs, but that mingling and socializing are an important part of getting healthy too.

10. Gift Certificates, Vouchers, Cards
Lastly, a development that evolved so gradually it never made any of SpaFinder’s annual trends lists. And yet it probably has had more to do with the explosion of spas and spa-goers around the world than any other trend – or even all of them combined.

The trend: the emergence and popularity of the spa gift certificate, card and voucher that has introduced so many new people to the spa experience. (In fact, research shows that approximately one-third of all spa visits are generated by the redemption of certificates and vouchers.) Spa gifting has been galvanized by their near-universal availability at almost every individual spa and via third-party programs – and they’ve not only given people permission to pamper themselves, they’ve ushered in a new era where gifting ‘spa’ represents an expression of true thoughtfulness and care.

To put it in perspective: while SpaFinder is now the largest retailer of spa gift certificates, cards and vouchers in the world, the company didn’t make its first certificate sale until 1999. Today, over 5,000 spas worldwide are part of the company’s gift programs, and the cards/vouchers are available at virtually every major drug and grocery chain.

…It’s been quite a decade.

LEARN MORE: To learn more, or to speak to SpaFinder president Susie Ellis, contact: Betsy Isroelit, (213) 300-0108 or

About SpaFinder, Inc.:
The world’s largest spa media, marketing, and gifting company, SpaFinder, Inc., connects millions of wellness-focused consumers with thousands of spas worldwide. SpaFinder’s media properties include the award-winning, the Spa Enthusiast newsletter, and the annual Global Spa and Wellness Directory. SpaFinder and its new gift division, Salon Wish, offer spa gift certificates and cards that are redeemable at a combined network of over 9,000 spas and salons worldwide and are available at thousands of retail outlets. The company’s technology division innovates new solutions that help spas build and streamline their businesses, including the popular SpaBooker online booking system. SpaFinder Europe and SpaFinder Japan offer regional spa marketing and gifting programs, including localized, native-language websites. Founded in 1986, the privately held company is headquartered in Manhattan.

Enjoy a Spa on your Winter Vacation

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Now is the time of the year that people are taking, or planning their winter vacations. We thought that we would remind you that a great way to ensure that you get some rest and relaxation is by visiting a spa while you are on your travels. We all know that vacations (especially family vacations) can often be less relaxing than we would prefer, no matter where the location. But if you take some time out of your day to hit the hotel spa or a nearby day spa you will at the very least reduce your stress so you will not need a vacation from your vacation.

Alps Thermal Spa

Alps Thermal Spa

For those of you that are visiting the Alps during your vacation you’ll no doubt take part in skiing, snowshoeing and wine tasting activities. When your muscles get sore, or even just to break up all the winter activities make sure to visit the spas and the natural hot springs in your area. With the right balance of spa time you can have an active vacation that is also extremely relaxing and memorable for all the right reasons.

In any United States city you can pair your daily activities and sightseeing with amazing spa treatments (for when your feet get sore).  As one of the locations of SpaWeek, New York City is one of the best cities to enjoy a spa day.  When you’re in the Big Apple you have got to go to one of the amazing luxury spas in Manhattan if your wallet can handle it. If you’re in Los Angeles there are plenty of places that you can enjoy when you have some down time for a lot or even a little money (Chinese foot massages are amazing and very affordable in LA). If you are vacationing outside of a city take a look at the local spas, you might just find a beautiful, rustic spa that will become your favorite part of the vacation. For more posts about spas in California or Arizona click the links: California Spas & Arizona Spas.

If you are visiting a country in the Eastern part of the world, you will be vacationing in a land that may have invented the ancient holistic and spiritual healing treatments offered at the spas. Asian spa treatments are designed to restore inner calm, improve memory, balance emotions, refresh the body, enhance skin complexion and more. Some of the treatments you can expect to see at these types of spas include traditional Chinese medicine, gem therapy, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, sound therapy and other Asian spa treatments.

For those of you that visit the Tropics during your winter vacation, if you take some time away from the beaches and the scuba diving to try a spa you may be pleasantly surprised. Often spas in tropical locations are right on the beach at the water’s edge and offer everything from body scrubs and wraps to manicures, pedicures and facials, allowing you to enjoy being pampered in a beautiful, calm environment.

Many of us just can’t get away this year for a winter vacation. If you are part of this “vacationless” club that might be taking a staycation this year instead of a real vacation, don’t fret, for you too can take a spa day for yourself! Many people are staying home this year, and this means that you may find your favorite spa busier than usual so be prepared and book ahead. Also, this year we are seeing more people taking their vacation money and putting it into remodeling their master bathrooms to transform them into their own, personal home spa. This is a great alternative to a vacation, because with your own home spa you will be able to escape to your own personal retreat any time you’d like while increasing the value of your home.

Whether you are planning an elaborate vacation in the French Alps, or if you are planning on taking a day off from work for a spa day, we hope you find everything you’re looking for and enjoy the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Wrapper’s Delight – Latest Trends in Body Wraps

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

While most people spend the holiday season wrapping gifts, wrapping up to-do lists, and wrapping newly minted Snuggies around their shoulders to stave off the winter chill, we’d like to turn your attention to a wrap of a different sort: the body wrap. So what’s new about this ever-popular (and tightly wound) spa menu staple? Here’s your very own “wrap sheet” on body wrapping’s latest trends:

Cuckoo for Cocoa Wraps, Attention chocoholics. Looking for a spa treatment that will leave your mouth watering and your skin aglow? Look no further than the chocolate body wrap, a service popping up on spa menus faster than you can say “Willy Wonka.” While you’re (sadly) not head-to-to in cocoa (the wrap is usually a sea clay infused with the essence of chocolate), the benefits are still delicious. Chocolate naturally softens the skin, detoxifies pores, and don’t even get me started on the aromatic value. Check out the Deluxe Chocolate Body Wrap at the Carnegie Hotel in Tennessee (

And While We’re on the Subject… While chocolate is by far the flavor of the hour, the fusion of food and body wraps is taking a close 2nd on the spa-dometer. So if cocoa isn’t your thing, keep your eyes peeled for wine-infused wraps, mojito-inspired treatments, and even a turmeric & yogurt wrap. (And yes, that’s a spa treatment, not lunch.) The medicinal powers of these fruit- and herb-based treatments benefit the skin and body in fantastic ways, so look for the one best suited for you.

Make Mine a Combo Body wraps are quickly becoming the “plus-one” item to add into your spa package. While everyone’s done the traditional facial/massage combo, body wraps are now taking their turn in the spa combo spotlight. Next time you have a spa day, opt for a massage immediately following your body wrap; it’s the perfect moisturizing and energizing complement to the detoxifying and cleansing power of the wrap.

Customary, Customized. In my book, simple is always trendy. And what better way to detoxify your skin than being layered in richly infused oils? Herbal body wraps are an always-relaxing and decadently aromatic treatment that provides equal pleasure from nose-to-toes (while also helping to improve the appearance of stretch marks, and toning the skin). The trendy side to this classic treatment? Customizing your wrap with your favorite infused oils and scents – just ask at your spa before you go in!

Think East: The Asian Spa Revolution

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
Gold Sauna Room

Gold Sauna Room

It was just over a year ago when I first went to Spa Castle, an Asian spa emporium in New York ( I’d heard about it for weeks from an enthusiastic friend who promised to take me on my first outing. You’d think she was making a commission the way she described it. So in my typical jaded fashion, I walked in, awaiting disappointment, mediocrity, and perhaps a whirlpool bath or two, when I saw the grandeur in front of me and never looked back. I was hooked.

Let the Asian spa revolution begin.

Cucumber Facial

Cucumber Facial

A surprising combination of typical Asian saunas and luxurious European spas, Spa Castle, and others like it (including Spa Castle’s branches in Dallas and the Poconos, and similar Los Angeles incarnations like Olympic Spa ( offer a wonderful fusion of east and west, for a spa experience like you’ve never had before. And I don’t say that lightly. That’s because the Asian spa isn’t for everybody. Modesty must be checked at the door (along with your shoes and clothes, which are tucked away separately in neat locking compartments). Most spas issue robes or comfortable outfits to wear as you drift between saunas, pools, quiet meditation rooms, invigorating treatments, and the requisite restaurant (filled with Korean delicacies, and, of course, tea). Some, like Spa Castle, are co-ed, while L.A.’s Olympic Spa only allows women. But both offer relaxation like you could not imagine.

LED Sauna

LED Sauna

Saunas abound – that should be Spa Castle’s motto. With seven sauna rooms (ranging from the L.E.D. room that incorporates color therapy as a means of improving your mood, to the Iceland cold sauna room which improves blood circulation after being immersed in heat), there’s literally something for everyone. And at Olympic Spa, their carefully designed treatment areas leave you renewed, refreshed, and cleansed. From their Charcoal Therapy Room (where naturally formed stone emits oxygen, detoxifying the skin) to the warm mineral pool and oriental clay dry sauna, can you imagine a more rejuvenating and unique experience? And all for a flat day rate. That’s right – admission to the spas include access to all rooms, for nearly as long as you’d like. For anything extra (like massages, reflexology, shiatsu, and skin scrubs), you simply pay-per-treatment.

Different? Absolutely. Amazing? Without question. A day at an Asian spa is a wonderful and relaxing experience, and a fascinating look into spa fusion of the future.

Jade Stone Massage Therapy at Le Petite Retreat

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
Jade Massage

Jade Massage

Much like a hot stone massage, Jade Stone Massage Therapy is a similar treatment which uses hot and cold Jade stones to loosen up your muscles. One of our favorite day spas that offer this service is the Le Petite Retreat day spa in Los Angeles which offers this massage as their signature treatment. Their hands-on Swedish-Deep combo massage incorporates hot & cool stones that are massaged into your body.  The heat helps to relax your muscle tissue & the coolness helps reduce inflammation & flushes out toxins through your lymphatic system. They also integrate Shiatsu & Thai massage strokes for therapeutic results which tend to make this massage last longer than other massages. This is a great treatment for individuals and couples, and is the only massage of its kind in LA. The cost of this massage is $150 for one hour at Le Petite Retreat.

New Luxury Spa in Las Vegas

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Spa Room

Spa Room

A new spa that has just opened in Las Vegas is in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, which is located at the entrance of CityCenter.  This 47-story hotel is special because although it is in the center of the gambling world, it is a non-gaming hotel that will allow you to be at the center of the action without being surrounded by a casino. The hotel itself brings spectacular accommodations, superlative dining, and an unparalleled spa. The hotel and spa were designed by the award-winning architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, with contemporary interior design by Adam D. Tihany.

Spa Suite

Spa Suite

The two-level, 27,000-square-foot Spa and Pool at Mandarin Oriental are located on the sixth and seventh floors. The spa provides a tranquil environment and a completely holistic experience based on the union of modern techniques and Eastern traditions.  The spa has 17 treatment rooms, multiple relaxation and water experiences, an expansive Fitness Center and dedicated yoga studio. The building itself is also designed to withstand the heat of the desert in a sustainable manner by reducing solar heat gain and through conserving energy. The façade system of the hotel accounts for about 9 percent of the building’s total energy savings, while the interior of the hotel and spa use sustainable products and practices to conserve water and energy in a manner that doesn’t affect your luxurious experience .

Spa Facial

Spa Facial

The spa has an extensive menu including everything from Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies which combines an in depth consultation, with Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils and ancient massage techniques; to a detoxifying foot spa in which you will experience a Chinese Spearmint foot bath and natural exfoliation with Jute Fiber Mini Mitt and Lemongrass soap. The large list of treatments and amenities goes on and on with spa suites for couples, aromatherapy, massages, facials, mens treatments and manicures & pedicures and much more.

Mens Treatments

Mens Treatments

In celebration of its debut, the hotel has created a special opening offer for guests looking to make the most of their Vegas visit and experience the luxurious, new property. Valid through February 28, 2010, the “We ‘Fan’ Vegas” package will provide one night of complimentary accommodations in conjunction with one or more consecutive paid nights of stay. Rates for the opening offer start at $545 and reservations are subject to availability. The hotel’s 392 spacious and chic guest rooms and suites can be reserved directly by phone: (888) 881-9578, E-mail: or via the hotel’s direct online reservations service at

Men Only Spa In Charleston’s Historic French Quarter

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Men-Only Spas are a hot trend these days, and the Old South Barber Spa is a prime example of a Man’s Spa that caters to it’s clientele in a way that many men can appreciate. As soon as you walk into this spa you instantly know it’s for men with the flatscreen T.V’s tuned to sports or business news, a comfortable lounging area with leather chairs and couches, and even complimentary cigars and drinks. Men who have never tried the spa experience now have no excuses!

The barber shop and spa has modern features, but still encompasses the old “men’s club” charm that you would expect to see in a guys’ hangout. Their services include both hair and spa treatments. Some of the services offered include their Old South Signature Haircut, which includes a consultation with a professional barber stylist, expert haircut designed for your facial features and lifestyle, shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, hot lather neck shave and style for $36. The Old South Barber Shop also has a range of massages from a 15 minute Therapeutic Chair Massage, to an hour long Southern Gentlemen’s Massage Sampler which includes many different massage modalities and experiences such as a combination of aromatherapy, sports, Swedish, reflexology, and hot stone – and determine your favorite for your next visit.

At this mans’ spa you can even indulge in a Gentlemen’s facial, pore cleansing treatment, waxing services or a relaxing shoe shine. The Old South Barber Spa is available for private parties and membership packages are available. For more details please visit their website at:

Old South Mens Spa

Old South Mens Spa

Old South's Barber Chairs

Old South's Barber Chairs

People Flock to Spa Websites On Cyber Monday

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Cyber Monday has become more and more popular for retailers over the past few years. (Cyber Monday is the equivalent of Black Friday for online stores.) This year spas with good websites reaped the benefits from this event, especially Bella Sante Day Spas who reported today that “Cyber Monday Website traffic rose 76% and Cyber Monday Internet sales rose 59%” – said Tiffany Amorosino, COO of Bella Sante. While the Washington Post reported Cyber Monday traffic increased nationally only 8%, perhaps this year people were feeling that in order to make up for a tough year spa services and products will make an excellent gift. Many people are also flocking to spas to treat themselves or to purchase a gift for another because they realize that giving a gift that provides relaxation and pampering will do more good than material goods.

Gift Card

The spa industry has come a long way in the past decade or so, especially when you look at the investment that spas have put into their websites. Now spa websites are well positioned on the Web, and are able to capitalize on events like Cyber Monday. Gift certificates and spa products are now offered online by many spas as website technology continues to improve across the spa industry. By providing the same excellent service through their websites that they give their spa-goers in person, spas have been able to reap the benefits from these efforts.

Spa Week Holiday Contests, Giveaways & Sales

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

With the holidays fast approaching many people are looking for deals and giveaways. has collected a number of amazing contests and sales that might just take some of the holiday pressure off of you if you win!

Diamond Package1. Win the Diamond Dream Holiday Giveaway

Enter to win the Grand Prize: 18K White Gold Eighty-Eight® Cut Diamond Pendant. This modern 3-stone pendant features three 88-cut diamonds (1.00 ctw) bezel-set in 18K white gold. Comes with a matching 16-inch chain. Each diamond is magnificently set to showcase the peerless brilliance of the Eighty-Eight®.  Sponsored by Diamonds International.  Retail Value: $3,550

Enter until December 18th

2. jane iredale ultimate guiltless pleasure sweeps

ChocolateThis holiday season, seduce your senses with a decadent treat! jane iredale’s limited edition holiday collection, chocoholicks™, is an assortment of four chic, chocolate truffle-flavored lip glosses: Truffle, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry Cream and Caramel. 10 winners.

Enter until December 31st

Candles3. Win $735 Worth of Scented Candles

The old saying “Too much of a good thing is never enough” definitely applies here. Allure editors handpicked their 12 favorite candles of all time, and one lucky winner takes all! Diptyque Feu de Bois, Prada Infusion D’Iris, Tocca Agadir, Fresh Sake, and Cire Trudon Pondichéry. Enter to win the whole ball of wax. In partnership with Allure magazine.

Enter until November 30th

4. Win an Autumn Resort & Spa Getaway for 2

Holiday GetawayEnter for a chance to win the Autumn Resort & Spa Getaway at the Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa Package that will help you forget the stress and strain of every day life, allowing you to enjoy the season the most relaxing way possible. In partnership with Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Enter until November 30th

Monthly Prizes5. Monthly Giveaways

We’re always giving away tons of fabulous beauty products and make-your-life-a-little better things. It’s just what we do. Right now there are 83 items to win, from a $350 anti-aging Galvanic Spa System to a $18.50 Purple Lab lip gloss.

Enter: All the time – items updated every other month

6. SPA WEEK® Holiday Gift Card Sale

Gift CardsPurchase a $100 Spa Week Gift Card for only $80! With a Spa Week Gift Card, you can give the gift of wellness any time of year. This Holiday Season, let us gift wrap that massage, pedicure, haircut, manicure, facial (oh the list goes on…) for your loved one.

On sale until December 22nd

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