Quick Tip: Maintaining a Home Spa

November 3rd, 2010
ThermaSol Steam Shower

Steam Shower

A home spa can be a joy to experience, but in order to keep it “running” a maximum relaxation and efficiency there are a number of steps that need to be taken to maintain the cleanliness, functionality and safety of your home spa space.


When cleaning your home steam shower or steam shower it is important to use a cleaner that is recommended for the type of materials that your room is lined with. For cleaning the tile used a tile-manufacturer recommended cleaner. Make sure that it has an antibacterial component and clean the room thoroughly at least once a week. The moist environment of a steam shower is perfect for the spread of bacteria and constant cleaning is necessary to avoid this bacteria taking hold. Nothing can ruin a spa experience like an unclean spa environment. Don’t forget to use a nonabrasive cleanser as to avoid damaging your fixtures. If you’re using a steam shower generator remember to drain it often. We recommend once every sixty steam showers.


Steam showers and steam rooms can undergo some wear and tear over time – including crack in the walls, floors and ceiling. Moisture can seep into the cracks and allow bacteria to grow and spread. Any cracks should be sealed up as soon as possible with sealant once the steam room has dried.

A steam room should be a leak-free environment. Monitor the steam room doors and make sure that no steam is escaping because over time this moisture can ruin your bathroom and lead to costly repairs down the road.

Follow these tips in your home spa and the little bit of extra time spent on cleaning and maintenance will pay off in the long run-both for your pocket book and for your overall spa experience.

Tech-spa-logy: Embracing Technology in the Spa

October 21st, 2010
ThermaSol Digital Controls

Steam Shower Digital Controls

In the recent history of technology, we’ve all seen a slew of gadgets come across our plates. iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops, flatscreens, widescreens – all intended to grant us greater freedom, ease of use, increased flexibility, and the luxury of getting exactly what we want when we want it, without compromise. And while electronics manufacturers have been busy upping the ante in the world of computers, gaming, and television, advanced technology has also been making its way into the spa world.

When it comes to the home spa experience, the leader-by-a-longshot in technology integration is steam shower pro ThermaSol. In fact, they’ve done to the home steam shower what DVR did to television – made it advanced, on-demand, fluid, and infused with unlimited possibilities. What makes ThermaSol’s technology integration so unique amongst other brands is their 100% fully networked digital technology. Even though other manufacturers boast digital controllers, their infrastructure is still analog – which is about as productive and advanced as having a dial-up connection while everyone else has high-speed internet.

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Mod Squad: Modular Home Saunas

October 15th, 2010
Modular Sauna Room

ThermaSol Modular Sauna Room

There’s a reason every woman loves a little black dress. Because no matter what the occasion, all it takes are a few accessories to completely transform a look – no assembly required. So wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same thing with our bathrooms?

Turns out, modular is in. And bath companies are quickly rising to the challenge, providing spa fixtures for the home that can be implemented with little disruption, and can turn your bath into an entirely new environment within hours. Steam showers and saunas have cemented themselves as the standard fixture in the new modular bath – simple to install, easily customizable, and an addition that provides luxury and comfort by enhancing your existing bath.

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Happy Feet: Top Foot Massages

September 27th, 2010

Foot massageAll day long, we rely on our feet to take us safely (and quickly) from Point A to Point B. Walking, running, strolling – occasionally in the highest of heels – we put a lot of pressure on our soles, and spas have taken notice that our feet deserve more than your basic TLC. This makes the timing of two new spa packages at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York more apropos – or, in this case, apro-toe – than ever.

Indulge your tired feet with Mohonk Mountain’s High Heeler or the Man on the Go treatments, featuring invigorating foot rubs and massages combined with exercise techniques to stretch aching feet and calves, and reinvigorate your lower limbs. Peppermint-infused oils leave your toes fresh all over, and help bring life back to overworked feet.

On tap at the Chuan Spa’s many international destinations (including locations in Boston and Pasadena) is Tips and Toes, a luxurious 90-minute treatment that works magic from top to bottom. A scalp massage and hand wrap lead into Feet Retreat, Chuan’s solution to the pain of high heels. Designed to enhance circulation and relieve pressure and tension,

Feet Retreat features an aromatic foot compress, an oil and herbal salt-infused rub process, a peppermint, lemon and cypress foot mask, and a relaxing foot massage.
Our feet are our personal transportation to everything. And for all we put them through, they deserve as much pampering as they can get! Look out for foot-focused spa packages and treatments popping up all over the place, so you can put your best foot forward.

Nature Calls: Spas In Touch With Nature

September 20th, 2010

What’s more relaxing than the soothing sights and sounds of nature? According to a new spa trend, absolutely nothing! As we head towards autumn, it seems that nature is popping up all over the place, in spa design, materials, and treatments. It’s a trend that encourages a unique application of resources, and focuses on the amazing natural elements of diverse geographies.

At the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas, both local and foreign flora inspire the extensive spa menu. And starting October 1, a slew of new, nature-based treatments will hit the scene. The highly anticipated Bamboo Bliss massage incorporates relaxation tools crafted from real bamboo, heated and infused with aromatherapy oils for ultimate soothing. Also on the menu are treatments with a more regional hint of nature, like the Texas Sage Herbal Infusion, an invigorating treat for your skin. Dessert sage clay is used to create a revitalizing face mask, and wild Texas sage and lavender are infused in a comforting body wrap. But if it’s true Texas nature you’re after, the Best of the Southwest body scrub and massage uses an unexpected source – local mesquite – to refresh and hydrate skin.

Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin Spa

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Wet Heat vs. Dry Heat

September 13th, 2010

For as long as man has roamed the earth, we’ve contended with substantial debates. Chocolate vs. vanilla, toilet paper rolled in vs. out…and, of most significance in the spa world – wet heat vs. dry heat. The battle between the sauna and the steam shower is strong, with powerful arguments advocating both sides. So who’s the winner? Let’s take a look…

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

There’s no one who will disagree with the fact that heat is good for the body. So whether you opt for dry heat or wet heat, you and your skin will benefit from the effects of increased temperature. And for many, these high temperatures are precisely why some opt for a sauna over a steam shower, as the thermostat of a dry heat sauna can be set to extraordinarily high temperatures, sometimes exceeding 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But apart from being able to push the temperature to such extremes, saunas offer few other benefits that differentiate them from steam showers. For those who use heat for respiratory relief, steam showers take the cake. Dry heat can irritate the membranes of the nose and lungs, actually making breathing more difficult, when compared to the soothing moisture generated by a steam shower. Skin also loves the magic of wet heat over the draining effects of a sauna. Steam showers infuse our skin with the moisture it craves, and encourages perspiration – great for health and the health of your skin. The low humidity of a sauna might seem more soothing, but the lack of moisture siphons essential water from the skin, and prevents pores from opening as readily as in a wet heat environment.

Of course, the decision to “steam” or to “bake” is a personal choice. But if you’re hoping to get the most out of your spa session (and want to take advantage of the health benefits of heat), I call this debate in favor of Wet Heat…and your skin will too!

Time to Relax

August 19th, 2010

Between Bluetooths, Blackberries, homework crises and household disasters, finding time to relax has become a chore in itself. And as 10-hour workdays become the norm, it’s more important than ever to give our minds and bodies a chance to truly find peace – even if it means putting “relaxation” on the schedule.

Thankfully, the spa world is embracing this challenge, and, with a little creativity, is making tremendous efforts to accommodate our often-taxing lifestyles and provide easy outlets for relaxation. One emerging trend is the one-stop-shop approach to relaxation. More and more, spa services are popping up in typically un-spa places, like hair salons, nail salons, airports, and malls. In fact, these days you’d be hard pressed to get a manicure and not have the option of adding on a hand or back massage. And no longer does your stylist just do a wash-and-cut, without offering a relaxing scalp treatment, providing the opportunity for a few blissful moments without the hassle of changing locations.

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August 11th, 2010

They say cleanliness is next to spa-liness, right? (Oh wait…that might not be the saying after all.) Well, regardless of the actual phrase, this one’s true too. The time you spend in a spa should be as clean as possible. After all, no one wants their pores open to the world in an environment that’s less than spic-and-span. This explains why so many people are opting to install home spas over renewing their memberships to outside organizations, where luxury might run high, but so does the germ factor. So to keep your home spa running shipshape and sanitary, we have some squeaky clean tips.

Clean from within. When designing your home spa, choose elements that keep things clean from the inside – like a ThermaSol steam shower with PowerFlush technology, an inner-tank cleaning system you can activate from an in-shower control, to keep things clean while you steam. When the cleaning happens from the inside, all you have to worry about is the surface stuff!

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The Spa Front And Center

August 4th, 2010

Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like everything is changing? We watch television on our computers, check stock quotes from our pocket, and eat desserts with weird things…like bacon. Turns out, the structure of our homes is changing as well, and that which was once hidden from sight has now assumed a starring role under our roofs. Like the home spa – a feature once evicted to the basement, tucked away in a bathroom, or, even banished to the outdoors – is now taking its rightful place front and center for all to access.

Good design trends deserve most of the credit for the public emergence of the home spa. Tacky wood paneled saunas have been usurped by stunning, modern steam shower stalls, adorned with gorgeous glass fronts and laden with up-to-the-minute perks. Sleek digital control panels that manipulate everything from time and temperature to light, sound, and aromatherapy have replaced outdated thermostats and unappealing switches. (And by the way, when did you ever have aromatherapy in your sauna?) Now styled with an architectural eye, the home spa has truly gone from a thing of utility to thing of beauty – and it’s time to show it off!

home spa

Home Spa

A shift in the way we entertain is also responsible for the home spa’s – literal – newfound prominence. The steam shower is the new swimming pool – infinitely easier to maintain, but still the perfect centerpiece to share with company (and won’t monopolize square footage in your backyard). And the centralization of our lives (which now revolve around an all-purpose kitchen-family-room-media-center hub in the middle of our homes) has encouraged general domestic transparency, which isn’t good news for that old hot tub out in the shed. Bringing the home spa into the main of the house is just another step in organizing our homes around our priorities – comfort, luxury, health, and togetherness.

So don’t shy away from bringing relaxation to the forefront! Show off your home spa like the star it is, and embrace both its powers of health and happiness and its aesthetics. By the way, has anyone seen my laundry room??

The Hue in You: Chromatherapy

July 29th, 2010

Color is part of everything we do. It determines what clothes we pair together, how we prepare food (think rare vs. medium well) – even whether or not we stop our cars at an intersection! We have an emotional relationship with color, and the hue of things often determines how we feel about them – even subconsciously.

Chromatherapy – the science of healing through color – harnesses our incredible connection with the spectrum of shades, and helps us to achieve optimum health and relaxation through the most basic of all mediums: light. And when the world of chromatherapy meets the world of spa, the possibilities are endless. Imagine using color to relax your mind, the same way that you use water, steam, and temperature to relax your body – all at the same time!

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