The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

December 16th, 2009

Hot Stone Massage

As the holidays are fast approaching, we at Talk Spas understand that many of you might be in need of a spa treatment BEFORE Christmas arrives in order to relieve some built-up stress and tension. One excellent spa treatment that is used to remedy holiday stress is known as a Hot Stone Massage (also known as Hot Stone Therapy). This type of massage uses heated, water-treated stones (such as basalt and lava rocks) which are placed at specific sites on your body to promote relaxation, and to help open up the energy pathways in your body. These stones act as a pre-treatment for your muscles, allowing the therapist to easily perform deep tissue manipulations. In some cases, the massage therapist may even alternate cool stones with the hot stones (read more about cold spa treatments here). Various massage oils may also be incorporated into the massage treatment to enhance the experience.

For centuries, Native Americans and Asian cultures have been using hot stone massage for its therapeutic benefits. The technique has been used as early as 1500 BC due to its ability to improve overall mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. Hot stone massage also helps to detoxify the body, find harmony and balance within the body, provide relief from injury, and relieve muscle aches and tension. Present day benefits of hot stone massage are still very similar to the age old benefits from centuries past.

Wellness Benefits

Hot stone therapy is an excellent treatment for those looking to achieve mental wellness. The heated stones are placed strategically along pressure points on the body to help melt away tension and create a calming feeling. This calming effect is excellent for the well-being of the recipient, as the stress of everyday life will diminish — or even disappear entirely from just one treatment. The deep muscle massage promotes tissue relaxation, alleviates stress, releases built-up toxins from your muscles, relieves pain and improves circulation; which will help make you feel better while promoting your psyche.

In addition to these wellness benefits, the use of aromatherapy oils is often used to help rejuvenate your mind. While the heat from the stones is seen as a positive energy flow into your body, and gives your body a sense of harmony and balance; the aromatherapy scents will bring you pleasant thoughts and feelings, helping you feel at peace. Some people also use hot stone therapy as a way to improve their spiritual wellness.

Health Benefits

Hot stone massage also has actual physical and health benefits. Aside from the obvious relief that one gets from muscle aches and pain, the penetrating heat helps relieve pain associated with medical conditions such as arthritis, severe back pain, Fibromylagia, and Multiple Sclerosis. Hot stone massage also improves blood circulation, stimulating the flow of oxygen and nutrients in and out of your muscles and blood, helping your body to detoxify and heal while keeping your heart healthy. Some mental health conditions like insomnia, depression and anxiety can be relieved through the regular use of hot stone massage.

All in all, hot stone therapy is a wonderful treatment for the body, mind and spirit. The majority of medical and day spas offer this treatment on their menus, so it is easy for you to take the time to treat yourself to a relaxing hot stone massage during this stressful time of the year. If you are feeling stressed, treat yourself today, so you will have a truly happy holiday!

Spa Chakra Closing Down and Selling All Assets

December 15th, 2009

We know times are tough, but the news from the global spa network Spa Chakra Inc., might be a bad sign for the spa industry. Today Spa Chakra Inc. announced that it is filing for bankruptcy and is in the process of selling all of its assets to Hercules Technology Growth Capital Inc.

As part of the filing, Spa Chakra has arranged for immediate financing from Hercules, which will be used by Spa Chakra to fund normal business operations during the sale process. Spa Chakra also said it has received the Court approval to honor and fulfill gift card and customer loyalty programs, and pay its employees, so make sure to use your gift cards now!

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Things To Consider Before Installing A Steam Shower

December 11th, 2009

The bathroom that you are planning on installing the steam shower in should be in good shape. You don’t want to spend money on a luxury item such as a steam shower if your bathroom already needs work. You’re better off investing the money into fixing up your bathroom.

Make sure your current bathroom fan is vented directly to the outdoors, and that it is big enough to move enough air to displace the steam from your steam shower. If your contractor thinks the fan is too small, then make sure to install a larger one.

Make sure you have a suitable location to install the steam generator, so that it will function properly and meet local codes. You’ll need an area where electrical and plumbing lines can be run to and from the unit and where you can get access to the steam unit itself. Most steam generators are fairly small, about 1 foot wide by 2 feet long, so finding a good installation space is usually not an issue.

You will need to install a “steam door” which is a special glass shower door that can completely seals the opening around the tub/shower area so the steam cannot escape. Depending on your setup, this door may have to be custom built, which may add even more money to an already expensive job.

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

How To Size A Steam Shower Generator

December 8th, 2009

This post provided by ThermaSol Steam Showers

There are 2 methods for sizing generators:

Non-ThermaSol Steam Generator Sizing Method:
If you have ever bought a steam generator that was not a ThermaSol then you are well aware of the “formula”:

Provide Length x Width x Height of the room.
Adjustment to room volume for: natural Stones: natural marble, stone, shale, glass block or concrete. Multiply by X.
Ceramic or porcelain tile on cement board or mortar board. Multiply by Y.
Number of glass panels. Add X %.
Any windows or sky lights? Multiply by X.
Then add for outside walls, how many? Add Y for one, Z for 2 etc.
Add X % for ceiling height.
Now calculate your adjusted cubic footage.

After completing this formula that is the equivalent of filling out a “tax return”, chances for error are great and if you have a problem that the generator is not making enough steam, it’s your fault! And, as one of the steam shower manufacturer says… even if you did everything as requested, it’s only a recommendation and if it’s not correct it’s your fault. Other steam shower companies want you to physically send them the plans!

ThermaSol Sizing Method:
Simple Sizing: Length x Width x Height = Cubic Footage; then choose your unit from the Price Schedule.

ThermaSol’s sizing method offers multiple advantages:

1. Simple and can be sized by anyone. (no complicated tax return formula)
2. Little chance to select the wrong generator size. (great potential for error with competitive sizing, and it’s your problem)
3. With a ThermaSol brand steam shower generator you can still buy the correct unit even if you haven’t chosen wall materials. (cannot be done by the competitors; they must know material to size the unit)
4. If you choose a type of tile and then change their mind, it’s no problem. (competitors unit will not be sufficient if they change to a more porous material; huge problem)
5. ThermaSol generator number provides added assurance since the number tells you how many cubic feet it does. (A Pro 240 does 240 cubic feet, a Pro 650 does 650 cubic feet, etc.)
5. For peace of mind there is only one sizing method that makes sense: Simple Sizing by ThermaSol.

ThermaSol, the choice of professionals worldwide since 1958.

New Luxury Spa in Las Vegas

December 7th, 2009
Spa Room

Spa Room

A new spa that has just opened in Las Vegas is in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, which is located at the entrance of CityCenter.  This 47-story hotel is special because although it is in the center of the gambling world, it is a non-gaming hotel that will allow you to be at the center of the action without being surrounded by a casino. The hotel itself brings spectacular accommodations, superlative dining, and an unparalleled spa. The hotel and spa were designed by the award-winning architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, with contemporary interior design by Adam D. Tihany.

Spa Suite

Spa Suite

The two-level, 27,000-square-foot Spa and Pool at Mandarin Oriental are located on the sixth and seventh floors. The spa provides a tranquil environment and a completely holistic experience based on the union of modern techniques and Eastern traditions.  The spa has 17 treatment rooms, multiple relaxation and water experiences, an expansive Fitness Center and dedicated yoga studio. The building itself is also designed to withstand the heat of the desert in a sustainable manner by reducing solar heat gain and through conserving energy. The façade system of the hotel accounts for about 9 percent of the building’s total energy savings, while the interior of the hotel and spa use sustainable products and practices to conserve water and energy in a manner that doesn’t affect your luxurious experience .

Spa Facial

Spa Facial

The spa has an extensive menu including everything from Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies which combines an in depth consultation, with Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils and ancient massage techniques; to a detoxifying foot spa in which you will experience a Chinese Spearmint foot bath and natural exfoliation with Jute Fiber Mini Mitt and Lemongrass soap. The large list of treatments and amenities goes on and on with spa suites for couples, aromatherapy, massages, facials, mens treatments and manicures & pedicures and much more.

Mens Treatments

Mens Treatments

In celebration of its debut, the hotel has created a special opening offer for guests looking to make the most of their Vegas visit and experience the luxurious, new property. Valid through February 28, 2010, the “We ‘Fan’ Vegas” package will provide one night of complimentary accommodations in conjunction with one or more consecutive paid nights of stay. Rates for the opening offer start at $545 and reservations are subject to availability. The hotel’s 392 spacious and chic guest rooms and suites can be reserved directly by phone: (888) 881-9578, E-mail: or via the hotel’s direct online reservations service at

Vintage Pictures of People Enjoying Steambaths

December 4th, 2009

For more vintage pictures of people enjoying steambaths take a look at our Steamy Vintage Steam Shower Pictures.

All images provided by ThermaSol Steambaths

Click on any image for a larger version:

Vintage Steambath

Vintage Steambath

Yellow Steambath

Yellow Steambath

ThermaSol Steambath

ThermaSol Steambath

Black and White Steambath

Black and White Steambath

Men Only Spa In Charleston’s Historic French Quarter

December 4th, 2009

Men-Only Spas are a hot trend these days, and the Old South Barber Spa is a prime example of a Man’s Spa that caters to it’s clientele in a way that many men can appreciate. As soon as you walk into this spa you instantly know it’s for men with the flatscreen T.V’s tuned to sports or business news, a comfortable lounging area with leather chairs and couches, and even complimentary cigars and drinks. Men who have never tried the spa experience now have no excuses!

The barber shop and spa has modern features, but still encompasses the old “men’s club” charm that you would expect to see in a guys’ hangout. Their services include both hair and spa treatments. Some of the services offered include their Old South Signature Haircut, which includes a consultation with a professional barber stylist, expert haircut designed for your facial features and lifestyle, shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, hot lather neck shave and style for $36. The Old South Barber Shop also has a range of massages from a 15 minute Therapeutic Chair Massage, to an hour long Southern Gentlemen’s Massage Sampler which includes many different massage modalities and experiences such as a combination of aromatherapy, sports, Swedish, reflexology, and hot stone – and determine your favorite for your next visit.

At this mans’ spa you can even indulge in a Gentlemen’s facial, pore cleansing treatment, waxing services or a relaxing shoe shine. The Old South Barber Spa is available for private parties and membership packages are available. For more details please visit their website at:

Old South Mens Spa

Old South Mens Spa

Old South's Barber Chairs

Old South's Barber Chairs

People Flock to Spa Websites On Cyber Monday

December 3rd, 2009

Cyber Monday has become more and more popular for retailers over the past few years. (Cyber Monday is the equivalent of Black Friday for online stores.) This year spas with good websites reaped the benefits from this event, especially Bella Sante Day Spas who reported today that “Cyber Monday Website traffic rose 76% and Cyber Monday Internet sales rose 59%” – said Tiffany Amorosino, COO of Bella Sante. While the Washington Post reported Cyber Monday traffic increased nationally only 8%, perhaps this year people were feeling that in order to make up for a tough year spa services and products will make an excellent gift. Many people are also flocking to spas to treat themselves or to purchase a gift for another because they realize that giving a gift that provides relaxation and pampering will do more good than material goods.

Gift Card

The spa industry has come a long way in the past decade or so, especially when you look at the investment that spas have put into their websites. Now spa websites are well positioned on the Web, and are able to capitalize on events like Cyber Monday. Gift certificates and spa products are now offered online by many spas as website technology continues to improve across the spa industry. By providing the same excellent service through their websites that they give their spa-goers in person, spas have been able to reap the benefits from these efforts.

Steam Shower Warranties – What you need to know

November 30th, 2009

This post provided by ThermaSol Steam Showers –

Find a ThermaSol Dealer near you!

One Steam Shower Manufacturer’s Warranty:
– 1 year on controls and cables; at their place of choice. After the first year the customer is responsible for parts and labor on controls and cables.

– 5 years on generators for material defect; at their place of choice. After 5 years the customer pays for parts and labor on their generator.

– Warranty is non-transferable.

Another Steam Shower Manufacturer’s Warranty:
– 5 years on working components for material defect.

– The first 2 years of the 5 they cover labor.

– They claim they are the only company to cover poor water quality; covered for 5 years.

– Exceedingly inaccurate.

ThermaSol Warranty:
– Dependent on model you receive 2 or 3 year in-home coverage, parts & labor for material defect.

– Lifetime parts & labor warranty at factory; no questions, no exclusions! Yes, not even water quality!

– Warranty is transferable should you sell your home.


ThermaSol offers immeasurable advantages unavailable from others:

  1. A lifetime of coverage; no questions, no worries. (Superior to 1, 2 or 5 year warranties)
  2. Labor & parts coverage for a lifetime; no exclusions or questions. (Unavailable from competitors)
  3. Warranty covers whatever has failed on the unit including items that fail from poor water quality; for a lifetime. (Unavailable from competitors)
  4. Transferable should you sell your home.
  5. Which would you choose; after 5 years no commitment from the manufacturer or coverage for parts & labor for a lifetime from ThermaSol?

Will You Be Giving The Gift of Spa This Year?

November 30th, 2009

Will you be giving the gift of spa this year?

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