Chromatherapy and the Art of Healing Colors

October 8th, 2012

How are you feeling today? Tickled pink, a little blue, or perhaps green with envy? When moods are so tied to color, it’s no wonder chromatherapy, or color therapy, has become so popular in the home spa environment. In a previous post we discussed the benefits of aromatherapy in the steam shower. Today we’ll explore the effect of color healing on the body and how it can be combined with aromatherapy and steam for maximum relaxation.

Derived from the theories of Indian Ayurvedic healers, chromatherapy is based on the body’s seven chakras. When these “energy centers” become unaligned, color and light are used to restore the balance where it’s lacking— whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Each chakra is tied to a location in the body and possesses a corresponding color and physical/emotional association:

Violet/Top of Head: Meditative. Soothes organs, relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system.

Indigo/Forehead: Perception. Promotes intuition.

Blue/Throat: Tranquility. Relieves headaches, migraines, stomach pains and muscle cramps.

Green/Heart: Harmony. Promotes relaxation and detoxification.

Yellow/ Stomach: Freedom. Assists the metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and combats glandular disease.

Orange/Pelvis: Alertness. Helps depression, discontent and pessimism.

Red/Lower Body: Courage. Increases blood pressure and circulation.

Chromatherapy is heightened when paired with aromatherapy and the power of steam. For relaxation, it’s recommended to combine violet chromatherapy with the soothing scents of lavender and jasmine. For a more stimulating effect, the aroma of rosemary and red chromatherapy are recommended. For general strength and wellness, blue chromatherapy mixed with the scents of bergamot, rose, or tea tree oil is ideal, depending on your symptoms. And for mental wellness, indigo chromatherapy and jasmine, lavender or rose are recommended.

In need of a steam shower upgrade? ThermaSol offers the Serenity Light and Music System, which produces full spectrum, high-intensity light and sound. Just add a few drops of aromatherapy essential oil into the steamhead reservoir before your steam session and you are ready to relax.

Let chromatherapy color your world.

Aromatherapy for the Mind and Body

October 2nd, 2012

Take a deep breath. Now say “Ahh….” When stress takes a toll, it’s important to stop and smell the roses. But when it comes to aromatherapy fragrances, why stop at roses?

Aromatherapy offers a natural and therapeutic way toward self-healing through essential oils. While most commonly inhaled using diffusers, a refreshing new trend combines the oils with steam to promote even deeper relaxation. ThermaSol, a company best known for their home steam showers, takes this trend a step further by offering a line of certified organic Essential and Precious Reserve Oils. Just add two to four drops to the steamhead reservoir during a steam session and breathe easy. The steambath increases circulation and brings toxins to the surface, cleaning the pores with perspiration and the aromatherapy-infused steam. Together this combination hydrates dull skin and refreshes the body and mind.

From relaxing to energizing, ThermaSol offers a variety of Essential Oils, but which scent is right for you? Here’s a full list and the different properties they offer.

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Kew Bridge Steam Museum

August 6th, 2012

If you’re in London this week and you’re already feeling Olympic-overload, we suggest that you break from the festivities and visit one of London’s lesser known historical sites. The Kew Bridge Steam Museum  celebrates the power of water and steam, and the ways it revolutionized life in Europe’s largest city and has become a major point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The museum has even starred in uniquely British television series such as Doctor Who and EastEnders, and films like Jude’s Law.

According to the museum website, by 1830 water quality coming from a public water pumping station in Chelsea had been deteriorating and so the Grand Junction Waterworks Company built a replacement pumping station at Kew Bridge, opening for operation in 1838. The station was powered by massive steam-powered engines, marvels of cutting edge engineering at the time, which drew water from the River Thames into London’s potable water supply. The power and capacity of these steam engines allowed city and regional planners of the time to supply the city with clean water, critical for fighting off persistent Cholera epidemics. Powered down in 1944, the pumping station became a national landmark and is preserved to commemorate the great change in sanitation and urban living made possible by man’s ability to harness and apply the power of steam.

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ThermaSol® Debuts First Mobile App for Steam Shower Systems

July 18th, 2012

ThermaSol®, which has been on the cutting-edge of steam shower technology innovation for more than 50 years, has announced the debut of the Solitude Mobile Application – the world’s first mobile app for their steam shower systems. When synched with an easily installed module that turns ThermaSol ProSeries and AF Series generators into a network peripheral, the app allows users to control all functions of their ThermaSol systems, including the generator maintenance, via handheld wireless devices.

The launch of this amazing app will be added to a long list of ThermaSol’s pioneering innovations: the development of FastStart™ technology, which provides steam in seconds not minutes; development of SmartSteam™, a patented innovation that learns your ideal steam room temperature and maintains it throughout the entire steam bathing experience; offering 100% digital, fully networked steam systems; and being the first steam shower manufacturer to include Bluetooth® technology in its packages.

“Our steam shower systems are designed for people to create a highly personalized spa experience at home,” said Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol. “The Solitude Mobile Application takes our systems to the next level by allowing users to control every facet of their steam shower (temperature, light, music, maintenance and more) via mobile phone or tablet device from anywhere within their home’s WiFi range. This is a first for not only the steam shower industry but the residential plumbing industry as a whole.”

The Solitude Mobile Application is available for download through the iTunes® Store and Google Play™, and it’s compatible with iOS 4.3 and up and Android 2.2 and up. The app with the add-on module can communicate with ThermaSol ProSeries and AF Series steam shower systems developed from 2007 forward, true to “plug and play” technology.

The Solitude Mobile Application has a lot going for it:

  • it’s compatible with a variety of mobile phones and tablet devices,
  •  it’s easy to install
  • you have the option of setting and controlling steam shower preferences for multiple users
  • you can remotely activate your steam session from anywhere within range of your WiFi
  • you’re able to control light and music settings and access streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify
  • you can watch YouTube videos and check your e-mail during your steam with the use of a water-proof case
  •  you can select music from personal playlists or from input channels wirelessly connected to any of your home entertainment systems
  • you have access to all available diagnostic and maintenance features of ThermaSol products

Download the app and let the party commence!

Skin & Steam

June 29th, 2012

Seeking comfort and an array of medical benefits, people have been drawn to steam since the sprawling bath complexes of the ancient Roman and Greek empires were built upon natural hot springs. While many of us use a steam shower or steam room simply to unwind, evidence suggests that our skin stands to gain much from regular exposure to steam.

Author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Andrew Weil explains that the heat of steam activates sweat glands and our pores open to release the resulting perspiration. As sweat rises through our pores, it has the effect of flushing out toxins that have built up in the skin, an excellent treatment to combat acne. Weil calls sweating “one of our most important mechanisms of natural healing, since it allows the body to rid itself of unwanted materials.”

 reports that a common treatment for mild acne and blemishes is to expose the skin to steam by draping a towel over your head and leaning over boiling water. As pores open, accumulated dirt and oil is released and whatever you want to put on your face is able to penetrate deeper, making it an effective part of a facial regimen. In hopes of improving their complexion, many sweat-seekers visit dry saunas which heat up air, rather than water. Due to the lack of humidity, saunas typically must be much warmer, at 160-200 degrees, than steam rooms and showers at 110-120 degrees, which can irritate nasal passages. As such, saunas are not ideal for those who suffer from allergy, sinus, or other respiratory problems. Conversely, the condensed moisture of steam works to relieve these ailments. Steam causes us to sweat sooner and at a much lower temperature due to the high humidity. Daily Glow notes that “just as steam does wonders for cleaning surfaces in your home, the steam can help dislodge built-up dirt and grime in your pores, allowing you to simply rinse them away.”

People have been known to venture to the extremes in a vanity-powered search for clear skin, from Cleopatra’s olive oil facials to modern laser treatment. Through this evolution, the skin benefits of steam have remained consistent and accessible. Investing in a steam shower or time at the spa is certain to remain an increasingly popular choice for people, even if alternative and increasingly technological advances are made to do the same thing as simple water vapor.


The History of Steambathing: A 5,000 Year-Old Tradition

May 18th, 2012

History of Steambathing

Talk Spas recently stumbled upon an old ThermaSol steambath traveler’s guide from 1983. Besides the thrill of taking a trip down 1980s bathroom design memory lane, we were excited to come across an article about the history of steambathing detailing its orgins dating back to Ancient Greece. We thought it would be a fun piece to share with the Talk Spas readers. Below you will find the text of the article for your reading pleasure.

Steambathing goes back over 5,000 years to the time of ancient Greece. Back then, the leisure class traveled days and weeks to hot springs and spas where geothermal underground waterways created their own natural “steambaths.” Like the Romans, and American Indians who followed, these ancient aristocrats went to great lengths to find these wonders of nature. Why? Because it was well worth the effort! For one thing, the gentle, moist steam vapors relaxed them in a way that no libation or physical stimulation could. The steam seemed to penetrate their very souls, and gave them both instantaneous and long-lasting relief and comfort. But in addition to merely feeling good, even the early Greeks were quick to notice that steambathing seemed to have tangible physical and therapeutic advantages as well: muscular aches and pains as well as symptoms of respiratory ailments such as deep coughing and congestion were relieved, if not actually cured. Indeed, before long going to the steambaths literally became known as “taking the cure.”

As word of steambathing spread through the Empire, so did its popularity. And so an indulgence that was once reserved only for the aristocracy became sought after by the common man as well.

Now, 5,000 years later, the benefits of steambathing are still in high demand. Health spas throughout the world tout steambathing as a key…and often central…part of their programs. Why? Because what was true 5,000 years ago still holds true today…steambathing is the ultimate indulgence, in both physical and psychological terms.

Today, steambathing is recognized for many specific physical benefits. It deep cleanses the pores and rids the skin of embedded dirt, thus aiding the treatment of acne. It penetrates the respiratory system to relieve hacking coughs and croup. (If you’re a smoker…or prone to frequent chest colds…you’ll immediately appreciate this benefit. And if you have children, you know that doctors frequently recommend “steaming” as a way to break up congestion. You’ll doubly appreciate our recessed steam heads which are specially made to receive medicated scents which aid bronchial congestion.) Steam also dilates the blood vessels to help relieve headaches and hangovers. It warms and soothes aching muscles, joints and tendons. And it helps restore a healthy glow to sallow complexions. But most of all, a personal steambath just plain feels terrific!

Of course, Thermasol wasn’t around 5,000 years ago, but we are the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of personal steambaths. In fact, Thermasol literally invented the category of personal steambathing in 1958 when David Altman, the President and Founder of Thermasol, was commissioned to create a personal steambath for a private residence on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. In 1971, after 13 successful years of supplying homeowners and health clubs with the world’s finest steambath equipment, Thermasol decided to install steambaths in hotels. Not surprisingly, the idea caught on immediately: travel weary guests started insisting on Thermasol-equipped rooms when they made reservations, and hotel owners responded by offering more and more Thermasol units in their rooms. In fact, hotels and motels are converting to Thermasol at such a fast rate that it is impossible for us to keep this traveler’s guide up-to-the-minute…always ask for Thermasol when you check in, even if your destination isn’t listed in the guide. Truly, Thermasol is “changing the way the world bathes!”

Now that we’ve explained how and why steambathing got so popular, we hope you’ll enjoy your Thermasol room even more. If your room isn’t equipped with Thermasol, we suggest that you call the front desk and ask if any Thermasol rooms are available.

Some more pages taken from the traveler’s guide (click on image to enlarge):

thermasol fits every lifestyle

If you cant set a timer, you can operate a Thermasol Ultima Spa.

Our whirlpool works wonders too!

The information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of your Doctor. Please click here to read the Disclaimer. ©2012 Talk Spas

Product Watch: ThermaSol Residential Steam Shower System

May 7th, 2012

Residential steam showers are the essential home upgrade, and bring new meaning to the term “a day at the spa.” Therefore, ThermaSol has developed a line of steam shower products sure to help people create the ultimate home spa/relaxation experience.

2012 Controls

Thermasol 2012 Steam Controls

Controls are “the brains” of home steam shower systems. ThermaSol® introduced three new styles of controls and steamheads in 2012 – Regency, Deco and Icon. Regency takes cues from neo-classical style, with its beveled edges that add elegance and lightness of touch to the bath. Deco echoes the linear symmetry of early twentieth century style. And Icon is inspired my tech legends of our time, featuring rounded corners and a minimal design that pushes the aesthetic edge for steam showers.

Bluetooth® enabled Serenity Light & Music System

Bluetooth steam shower system

ThermaSol’s Serenity Light & Music Systems are self-contained, shower proof, 10-inch modules that produce high intensity full spectrum light and sound. All of the systems are now Bluetooth®-enabled, which makes it easier to create a personalized light, music and steam experience. The technology allows users to wirelessly control audio selections in their steam shower from anywhere in the bathroom. With use of a waterproof case, mobile devices can also be brought directly into the steam shower. Read the rest of this entry »

ThermaSol Debuts Three New Styles of Steam Shower Controls and Steam Heads for 2012

April 16th, 2012
ThermaSol Regency Controls

ThermaSol Regency Series - New for 2012

ThermaSol®, the industry leader in steam bath products, is proud to announce the introduction of three new styles of steam shower controls and steam heads for 2012. The new Regency, Deco and Icon series are designed with the highest level of quality and functionality in mind, and complement existing trim and fixture designs offered by most bath manufacturers.

“ThermaSol is known for offering the most advanced, and stylish, steam shower systems in the industry,” said ThermaSol CEO Mitch Altman. “The Regency, Deco and Icon series are no exception. They look great, perform great and add to ThermaSol’s robust selection of controls and steam heads. Our goal is to help people bring an ever increasing level of personalization to the home spa experience. ”

ThermaSol Deco Series - New for 2012

ThermaSol Deco Series - New for 2012

The Regency Series takes cues from neo-classical style with beautifully beveled edges that add elegance and lightness of touch to the bath. The Deco Series echoes linear symmetry of early twentieth century style. And Icon, inspired by tech legends of our time, features rounded corners and minimal design for a look that re-defines style in the steam shower space. New designs are available for ThermaSol’s Signature Series Kit, Temp-Touch Plus Kit, Easy Start Control, Serenity Light & Music System and hand-held remote control.

ThermaSol Icon Series - New for 2012

ThermaSol Icon Series - New for 2012

Signature Series and Temp-Touch Plus controls serve as mini command centers inside steam showers, enabling users to perform time/temperature maintenance, operate the Auto PowerFlush and operate the Serenity Light & Music System. Signature Series controls also include two preset memories and day clock. All of ThermaSol’s retractable NoTouch steam heads come with whisper-quiet functionality and integral well for aromatherapy oils.

Sundara Inn & Spa

March 29th, 2012

Sundara Spa

When you think of Wisconsin, perhaps a luxury spa is not the first thing to come to your mind. However, with the Sundara Inn & Spa located in Wisconsin Dells, that’s exactly what should be on your mind. Sundara is one of the top resort spas in North America and a premier destination for discerning clientele who desire the best spa treatments in the most soothing setting.

Situated on a 26-acre parcel of land that is lush with pine trees and natural Wisconsin stone outcroppings, Sundara Inn & Spa is not only inspired by the Heartland, but also embodies all that is sacred in nature. The word Sundara is drawn from the Sanskrit word for “beautiful” and the staff’s interpretation of it is “beauty flowing from wellness”. The inn’s main building, designed in an organic Midwestern style, boasts an interior that emphasizes the principles of Feng Shui. Guests have the option of staying in one of 26 well-appointed suites or 12 private lifestyle villas. The large suites feature designer spa bathrooms and fireplaces. The private lifestyle villas are tucked away in the woods, with winding garden paths and views of waterfalls. They offer 1,700 square feet of space, a private bath sanctuary, detailed kitchens, furnishings in a natural color palette and a curved outdoor veranda.

While a guest at Sundara, you’ll undoubtedly want to make use of the spa; from therapeutic massage to holistic skin care, Sundara has developed a menu of spa services designed to promote total wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation. Many of the spa’s products utilize botanicals and minerals indigenous to Wisconsin Dells, for an authentic Heartland experience. All spa visits begin with a Purifying Bath Ritual in the bathhouse sanctuary. Guests engage in a self-guided treatment that includes a rinse in a rain shower, Sundara Spa Sandstone Body Polish to exfoliate the skin, plunge in a hot pool and cool pool, and a quiet rest period before being greeted by a therapist. Some of the special offerings on Sundara’s spa services menu include: the Soothing Cucumber Body Polish and Massage that begins with a cucumber mint sugar scrub to remove dry skin and increase circulation, followed by a cucumber mint massage soufflé; the Warming Glow Massage in which a therapist will light the candle of your choice, made with essential oils and shea butter, allow it to melt and then use the warmed oil in the massage; the Sundara Signature Massage, which reduces muscle tension, increases circulation and leaves you feeling balanced in body, mind and spirit; and the Fountain of Youth Facial, which cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin utilizing organic products that leave the skin looking firm, toned and hydrated while creating a healthy glow. All of the above treatments are 65 minutes in length. Additionally, guests of Sundara can enjoy the inn’s state-of-the-art fitness studio, located off-site, as well as the adjacent Wild Rock Golf Course located at the Wild Rock Golf Club.

Sundara Inn & Spa’s success is born out of its respect for natural resources and green practices. When you are guest there, you reap all the rewards of Sundara’s high-minded philosophy and unwavering standards.

Spa Trend: Ganban’yoku

March 27th, 2012


For thousands of years, Japan has been leading the way in the health arts and sciences. Strong proponents of holistic medicine and treatments, the Japanese are naturally drawn to spa-like amenities that utilize heat to correct imbalances in the body; one such treatment is ganban’yoku.

A ganban is a sizable piece of granite that is inserted into the floor and heated up to a low temperature. Under a trained therapist’s care, a patient can lay on the ganban, allowing their bodies to gradually heat up. The ganban’yoku treatment is often referred to as “bedrock bathing without hot water” and the amount of sweat that is emitted from the body during a session is said to be more than what would be emitted during a hot sauna session. Unique to the ganban’yoku are infrared rays and negative ions which pass through the ganban stones; such elements are said to have a number of positive effects on the body. Even a single ganban’yoku session can begin to improve blood circulation, skin composition, immunity to disease, stiff joints, back pain and mental stress. It can also have a positive effect on metabolism, weight loss and detoxification. In recent times, the ganban’yoku spa trend has moved westward to top-notch spas, gyms, hotels, golf courses, ski resorts, hospitals and even into peoples’ private homes. In fact, the new Las Vegas Aria Resort and Casino features a luxury ganban’yoku that is extremely popular with guests.

True to all other holistic therapies, ganban’yoku utilizes simple, natural elements to offer its users an authentic experience that can potentially heal on a deep level. Undoubtedly, ganban’yoku is a spa trend that is here to stay.

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