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Transforming a Shower into a Spa with a Steam Shower

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
Signature Series- Conemporary Control and Steam Head

Signature Series- Conemporary Control and Steam Head

Home design magazines are filled with amazing bathrooms that have been transformed from utilitarian and functional to absolutely fabulous. Gone are the days of the “plain old” bath-and-shower combination, and these days the affluent and design savvy are turning their plain old shower into a luxurious two-person shower with all the extras, amenities and of course: steam.

According to cost vs value reports, bathroom renovations are one of the most cost effective home improvement projects you can undertake. According to the most recent reports by Hanley Wood, homeowners who remodel their bathrooms will still recoup 61 percent to 71 percent of the cost when they sell their homes in today’s still somewhat dreadful market. Now is the time to upgrade the bathroom with an amenity like steam so that you can enjoy the benefits of steam and enhance your overall lifestyle, while hoping the market picks up and your investment actually pays you back!

ThermaSol has a lifestyle brochure which helps consumers to build their ideal steam system for their home. The reader receives a lesson on the power of steam as illustrated by ancient cultures. They also learn the enhanced health benefits of steam therapy as well as specific essential oils which are believed to remedy certain ailments via in-shower aromatherapy. Color therapy and its invigorating and mood-enhancing benefits is also discussed.

Signature Series- Traditional Control and Steam Head

Signature Series- Traditional Control and Steam Head

Amenity Packages For Your Steam Shower!
The Signature Series steam shower control kit is a miniature command center that offers the user precise temperature adjustment, variable session times, sound system volume control, chromatherapy light type intensity and two user presets when used with the Serenity Light and Music System.

The Temp-Touch Series is ThermaSol’s baseline control that offers function for all of their steam bath generators as well as their in-shower Light and Music System. A bar graph details minimum and maximum temperature settings, volume, light type and intensity and there is a 45 minute default session setting.

ThermaSol’s new generation Serenity Light and Music System takes the steam experience to a whole new level. The system includes an all-in-one in-shower, high intensity full spectrum LED type light system for the ultimate in chromatherapy, as well as a high-performance speaker set. The system features built-in FM receiver and two additional input source interfaces. Composite component input can come from portable MP3 players, CDs, DVDs and televisions or just about any audio player device. All ThermaSol steam approved components are mounted behind a 10” diameter solid brass ceiling grill. Also included with the system is the optional RF 2.8 GHz hand-held remote, which is waterproof, durable, and extremely stylized to meet the most discerning consumer requirements. The remote offers complete control over all of the functions from inside the shower and comes in 14 matching finishes.

A Stylized Home Spa:
Both the Signature and Temp-Touch Series’ come in two styles: traditional and contemporary. The Traditional Series control and steamhead feature a beautifully sculpted bezel and match the traditional, classical and palatial trim designs offered by most fixture manufacturers. The Contemporary Series control and steamhead blend seamlessly with modern, Euro-style or transitional fixtures in the bathroom.

Groundbreaking Technology
In addition to the controls and matching steamhead fittings, ThermaSol now offers three specialized generators.  The SteamShower Classic Series features FastStart™ technology, which produces steam in seconds.  It also comes with a PowerFlush inner tank cleaning system that promotes decalcification, reduces sediment build-up and is activated at the generator.  The SteamShower AF Series has an AutoPower Flush inner tank cleaning system, in which all cycles can be activated through the actual shower and it also comes with FastStart™ technology.  Lastly, there is the ProSeries™ which features AutoPower Flush, FastStart™ technology, a custom-fit removable smitty pan and SmartSteam™ technology.  SmartSteam™ technology is the absolute latest in steam control by learning a user’s desired steam room temperature and maintaining it throughout the session with no annoying lags or bursts.

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