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Spa Fit for a Sultaness: Ananda Spa

Friday, December 9th, 2011
Ananda Spa

Ananda Spa

In Talk Spas’ “Spa Fit for a Sultaness” series, we profile the most luxurious and lavish spas in the world.

The profound allure of India is well known to many Westerners; with its exotic culture, deep spirituality, it’s yogic and Ayurvedic traditions and of course, its dynamic cuisine, it’s no surprise that so many want to experience the country. India is also notable for its spa traditions, many of which utilize the aforementioned Ayurvedic tradition as the basis for their healing treatments. Perhaps no spa in India embodies the healing properties of Ayurveda more than Ananda Spa.

Situated in close proximity to the mythological cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, overlooking the flowing Ganges and surrounded by the Sal Forest, there could be no more an ideal location for Ananda Spa. The road to perfect health begins within the enchanted walls of Ananda, where lifestyle is redefined through the wellness regimes of Ayurveda; this is the ultimate place to bring about the union of the mind, body and soul. When staying at Ananda Spa, guests have a variety of choices in regards to accommodation including Deluxe rooms and suites, the Ananda Suite, the Viceregal Suite, and the Villas. The Villas are named after the great mountain ranges Himalay and Shivalik, as well as the river Ganga, which sustains the people of the Valley; all rooms at Ananda Spa offer a color scheme that echoes nature and enhances serenity. Undoubtedly, the Villas satisfy the needs of even the most discerning guests. The two bedroom villas and the one 1-bedroom villa are each elegantly appointed with a living room, a pantry for the butler, a dressing room and a huge bathroom featuring a private sauna and views of the swimming pool. Of course, it’s the “spa” in Ananda Spa that is the main draw and with 24,000 square feet of space and a spa menu that boasts over 79 body and beauty treatments, guests never want for anything here. Integrating Ayurvedic healing with a more modern Western spa approach, Ananda Spa strives to help clients achieve harmony between their physical and mental realms. For those individuals who are seeking to reduce and eliminate stress, cleanse and detoxify, lose weight, reverse aging, or simply to experience a deep state of relaxation, they could not choose more wisely than Ananda. Onsite Ayurvedic physicians and nutritionists guide each client through a thorough evaluation and treatments based on their wants and needs. The ultimate goal is to bring each client’s Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas – the three vital energies in the body – into balance. How is this achieved? A typical stay for a guest might include and Ayurvedic and Wellness Consultation to help understand their unique energy and current imbalances. Based on the physician’s findings, he will create a diet, yoga and treatment program to bring the client more balance and energy. Treatments may include: Sirodhara, where luke warm herbal oil is poured in an even stream on to the forehead to pacify and revitalize the mind and the body; Abhyanga, a traditional synchronized full body massage given by two experienced Ayurvedic therapists using sesame oil; Pizhichil, an indulgent, rejuvenating experience, during which lukewarm herbal oils anoint the entire body; and/or Choornaswedan, where therapeutic sweating is induced by the application of warmed herbal poultices. Whatever the treatment may be, it is certain to be custom designed to maximize the client’s needs.

The ancient healing traditions of India offer an alternative to modern medicine; modern medicine can at times be hard on the body and administered in an impersonal way. Ananda Spa brings an unrivaled personal touch to their guests and anyone who pays a visit will undoubtedly leave with their body, mind and soul feeling refreshed and renewed.

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