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Top 5 Spa Back Treatments

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Many of us have had to battle with back pain and headaches due to back and neck issues. We have tried many different techniques and treatments, but one treatment still remains the most effective and safe in our minds. Take a look at our list of the top treatments to find out which one is our favorite!

Note: We are not medical professionals and this article is simply an opinion piece, and not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using any of these treatments.

5. Chiropractic Adjustments – Many people swear by the relief they receive from Chiropractic Treatments. Personally, however, we are not necessarily fans of this practice, as it is the only really invasive treatment on the list (besides perhaps acupuncture). We feel that we owe it to our readers to include it though, because if all of the other options on this list have been exhausted then it is worth a shot and may work for you.

4. Somatic Exercises- Somatic Exercises, Hanna Somatics or Somatic Education are all a type of treatment that has been generally used to help people who have back, neck or head pain due to accidents.  We feel that this therapy and education should not be limited to those who have chronic pain, but also those who are looking to improve their health. The practice is fairly complex, but put simply it is a way to renew the control of your muscles through use of the voluntary motor system to alleviate pain. Typically one would receive hands on education and training to teach this method, but there are also books and CD’s that help teach how to relieve and heal through this process where people learn to recapture control of their muscles and movements. The brain is the control center for your muscles, so through this process you learn how to unlearn familiar tension habits and unhealthy muscle movements.

3. Swedish, Thai & Deep Tissue Massages – New studies have shown that weekly deep tissue massages have drastically reduced back pain for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain. This is not a new idea, and many doctors have prescribed massage as a treatment for back pain, now the studies are showing that this treatment is proven to be effective.

2. Acupuncture – According to a new study, Acupuncture, the ancient procedure of inserting and manipulating filiform needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes, may be better for relieving back pain then medications or physical therapy. The study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine this past summer and shows how men and women with chronic low back pain who had never had acupuncture before improved greatly compared to the group who didn’t have Acupuncture, or Acupuncture like techniques.

1. Craniosacral Therapy aka Cranial Osteopathy or Craniosacral Therapy- This treatment is an alternative form of medical therapy that is much more popular in Europe and often performed by doctors (osteopaths) as well as by massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. A session begins with the patient laying on their back while the therapist or doctor places their hands on the hands or feet of the patient and begins massaging softly. The doctor then moves to the head of the patient, and massages the back of the skull, relieving any restrictions of the nerve passages and allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to flow back into the spinal cord and be recirculated back through your nervous system. The doctor then works their way all the way down your body, performing this light massage on all of your nerve passages and spinal cord, ensuring that your entire nervous system is replenished and recirculated throughout your body.

Although this treatment is still looked at with speculation, we have personally undergone this treatment and feel it is the best type of treatment when compared with all others. The first time you have the treatment, you feel as though you are floating on your back on the massage table, as all the restrictions in your nervous system are released. It is thought that the body carries stresses in the nervous system from as far back as your birth, causing health problems down the road. This treatment is extremely successful the first time you have it done, but the more often you go the less of an impact the treatment has on your body as your nervous system is not as out of whack the more times you have the treatment. Regardless, we highly recommend this treatment and hope that it helps many of you out there that have back pain, or even just feel out-of-whack.

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