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Spa Fit for a Sultaness: Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Monday, May 16th, 2011

In Talkspas’ “Spa Fit for a Sultaness” series, we profile the most luxurious and lavish spas in the world.

Brenners Park Hotel and Spa

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

For centuries, Baden-Baden (literally translating to “Bath-Bath”), Germany has been the premier destination in Europe for spa enthusiasts. The ancient Romans knew of the wondrous, healing springs present within the town and the famed emperor, Caracalla, somewhat of a bath addict, made the journey there to soothe his arthritis. So it comes as no surprise that one of the premier modern spas in the entire world, Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, calls Baden-Baden home.

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa makes a strong point of letting its customers know that the words “problem” and “no” are not in their vocabulary. From the moment you arrive, the staff will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you want; this translates to a hotel and spa atmosphere that makes even the hotel’s most discerning international guest feel special. The spa at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa offers an array of luxury treatments including: The Phyto-aromatic Sisley facial, with Vapozone steaming and deep cleansing, which blends high-tech active ingredients based on natural plant extracts and essential essences combined with an intensive relaxation ritual; and the Niance® powder, including premium glacier eye deluxe, which calms stressed skin for a healthy glow and gives the eyes a sparkling, wide-awake look. Perhaps even more than such lavish treatments, it’s the amenities at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa that keep guests coming back. The Spa Suite is a private sanctuary with an Asian ambiance that includes a Japanese blossom bath, a Finnish sauna, a media room and a private balcony. The Saunarium Spa is a spa enthusiast’s dream, complete with steam shower, aromatic bath, whirlpool, plunge pool and hot foot bath.

Brenners Park Spa

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa

Situated in close proximity to the famous Baden-Baden Casino, the northern foothills of the Black Forest, and a plethora of castles, museums and other points of interest, Brenners Park Hotel & Spa is the ultimate weekend getaway, or extended vacation from the rigors of life.

Spa Town: Baden-Baden is Anything but Bad

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Picture in your head a town with a sophisticated, cosmopolitan flair, dotted with green parks and blooming gardens, filled with people who revel in culture, food and drink – and well, you’ve pretty much named half the towns in Europe. But add to that a centuries-old reputation as one of the continent’s most chic spa towns, and you have Baden-Baden.

Less than 40 miles northeast of Strasbourg, France and nestled in the charming Black Forest Region of Germany, the town of Baden-Baden literally translates to “Bath, Bath” – how’s that for emphasis? The ancient Romans knew of the wondrous, healing springs present in Baden-Baden and the emperor, Caracalla, somewhat of a bath addict, made the journey there to soothe his arthritis. In the Middle Ages, the town fell into ruin, but in 1112, it was resurrected by German nobility who made the town their home. The region again faced hardship during the Thirty Years’ War starting in the early 1600’s, but today Baden-Baden is without a doubt the summer capital of Europe and the epitome of the lap of luxury.


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