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Basics of Designing A Home Spa

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Today’s bathrooms are becoming a place that homeowners are using as their own private retreat, where the only rules are the rules of relaxation. The days of the utilitarian bathroom are in the past, and now bathrooms are being transformed into a destination spot where one can go to treat themselves to the home spa.

Many of the features that are being included in the home spa have been inspired from day spas and spa resorts, as explained in the article: New Bathrooms take Cues From the Spa, but in this segment we will look more closely at some of the intricate details that go into designing a home spa.

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

One of the main things that home owners are using to create a home spa is of course the Steam Shower. The steam shower is such a beautiful luxury to have in the home. Homeowners are justifying this purchase by equating how much each steam bath would cost if they were to use one in a paid spa. By using your own steam shower just once a week, it would pay for itself in a matter of a few months if you are an avid spa enthusiast.

Another hot item that has really become popular in the past few years is the rain shower. This JACLO shower head produces both a rain shower and waterfall shower for double the pleasure. The sensation you get from a beautiful rain shower is unlike any other shower experience, and this is why it has become so popular as of late.


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