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The Lukács Baths: Brad & Angie’s Favorite Spa

Monday, June 27th, 2011
The Lukács Baths

The Lukács Baths

Ok, we’ll be honest: we’re not sure that Lukács Baths is the favorite spa retreat of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their adorable brood of international children. However, since we know they’ve all been there and frolicked in the ancient baths, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

The Lukács Baths are one of the largest thermal baths in Budapest and a favorite of visitors from all over the world. The nearly 6,000 square-foot park is blessed with natural healing springs that have been in use since at least the 12th century when knights of the order of Saint John engaging in caring for the ill settled in the area. The bath continued to operate until the Turks moved in; at this point, the energy of the powerful springs was redirected to produce wheat and grind gunpowder. The property eventually ended up under the control of the government treasury until a private owner purchased it in 1884 and built a hotel, turning the springs into a beloved hydrotherapy spa. From there forward, the Lukács Baths saw steady improvement and refinement with the additions of a drinking cure hall, a hot water mud bath, open-air pools with whirling corridors, underwater effervescence, neck showers, water beam back massagers, whirlpools, geysers and many other advanced spa amenities. It has been said of the waters at Lukács Baths that due to their high sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, fluoride ion and nitrate content, that they are highly effective in curing numerous degenerative illnesses including: chronic and semi-acute arthritis, deformations of the vertebral spine, dislocation of the inter-vertebral discs, and certain cases of neuralgia. The waters are also said to infuse the bones with calcium, especially effective for post-injury treatment. The baths offer a daytime outpatient hospital with a complete physiotherapy department for those who wish to receive a highly personalized level of healing treatment.

It was on a break from filming that Brad and Angie brought the kids, including Pax and Zahara, to the Lukács Baths. Pax was having such a good time that he didn’t want to leave. It was also mentioned that the couple took the kids to McDonald’s afterwards; not exactly the most nutritious meal after a winning day in the healing waters of Lukács Baths, but hey, maybe Pax just ain’t down with the Budapestian cuisine.

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