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Separate Spas: Penn and ScarJo Part Ways

Thursday, June 30th, 2011
Wellness Men's Day Spa, Manhattan

Wellness Men's Day Spa, Manhattan

Celebrities are a fickle bunch; it was only a few weeks ago that we profiled the romantic spa getaway Hollywood hellraiser Sean Penn and his young lover, Scarlett Johannsen, experienced together at the historic Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California. Alas, word of their recent and inevitable split has left fans and admirers wondering with whom the two stars will end up in the arms of next. We can only imagine the crash and burn of their whirlwind romance has taken its toll on them, so to prep them to once again be lucky in love, we have separate spa suggestions for each of them. And we’ve even carefully selected spas on two different coasts to avoid the faux pas of Penn and ScarJo running into each other.

For Penn, we’ve chosen the Wellness Men’s Day Spa in Manhattan. New York, with its lively nightlife and beautiful women, is the ideal place for the renowned playboy to get his mind off ScarJo. When he’s not busy partying or sleeping, he can check in to a VIP Room at the Wellness Men’s Day Spa to relax and find balance with some Eastern inspired relaxation therapies. The 60-minute Intense Wellness Treatment utilizes Marine sediments and Green tea to help detoxify, promote weight loss and purify the skin. It’s notable for combating toxins and free radicals in the system. Penn could also opt for a 75-minute Chakra Massage that combines deep-tissue techniques with ancient Ayurvedic philosophy; Ayurveda recognizes seven chakras, or spinning energy centers, along the spine, that contribute to one’s sense of well-being. Afterwards, Penn could treat himself to hot sandwiches, cold salads and wine or beer at the bar. Now that’s a man’s spa getaway!

The Lounge Spa, Los Angeles

The Lounge Spa, Los Angeles

For ScarJo, we’ve selected The Lounge Spa, right in the heart of Los Angeles. The Lounge Spa claims that their “red velvet ropes are open to everyone.” That’s great, but we’re sure ScarJo’s charms will help her get an extra special treatment. The Lounge Spa’s massage treatments mostly have playful cocktail themed names and in light of ScarJo’s recent heartbreak, perhaps their Soothe Your Soles on the Rocks massage is ideal. The 2-minute treatment utilizes heated lava stones that loosen up the soles before being massaged on specific pressure points to ease tension and improve circulation. In order to keep her face looking extra appealing for her next actor-boyfriend, ScarJo could opt for a Citrus Squeeze Facial 
that incorporates pure Vitamin C, lightening ingredients and powerful antioxidants, leaving her skin luminous, healthy and vibrant. The Lounge Spa also offers a private lounge area for VIP parties, so ScarJo could decide to invite her gal friends for the ultimate spa break. Now that’s a spa getaway fit for a starlet!

Breaking up is hard to do, but with a great spa to fall back on, Penn and ScarJo will be back in the game in no time at all.

The Lukács Baths: Brad & Angie’s Favorite Spa

Monday, June 27th, 2011
The Lukács Baths

The Lukács Baths

Ok, we’ll be honest: we’re not sure that Lukács Baths is the favorite spa retreat of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their adorable brood of international children. However, since we know they’ve all been there and frolicked in the ancient baths, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

The Lukács Baths are one of the largest thermal baths in Budapest and a favorite of visitors from all over the world. The nearly 6,000 square-foot park is blessed with natural healing springs that have been in use since at least the 12th century when knights of the order of Saint John engaging in caring for the ill settled in the area. The bath continued to operate until the Turks moved in; at this point, the energy of the powerful springs was redirected to produce wheat and grind gunpowder. The property eventually ended up under the control of the government treasury until a private owner purchased it in 1884 and built a hotel, turning the springs into a beloved hydrotherapy spa. From there forward, the Lukács Baths saw steady improvement and refinement with the additions of a drinking cure hall, a hot water mud bath, open-air pools with whirling corridors, underwater effervescence, neck showers, water beam back massagers, whirlpools, geysers and many other advanced spa amenities. It has been said of the waters at Lukács Baths that due to their high sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, fluoride ion and nitrate content, that they are highly effective in curing numerous degenerative illnesses including: chronic and semi-acute arthritis, deformations of the vertebral spine, dislocation of the inter-vertebral discs, and certain cases of neuralgia. The waters are also said to infuse the bones with calcium, especially effective for post-injury treatment. The baths offer a daytime outpatient hospital with a complete physiotherapy department for those who wish to receive a highly personalized level of healing treatment.

It was on a break from filming that Brad and Angie brought the kids, including Pax and Zahara, to the Lukács Baths. Pax was having such a good time that he didn’t want to leave. It was also mentioned that the couple took the kids to McDonald’s afterwards; not exactly the most nutritious meal after a winning day in the healing waters of Lukács Baths, but hey, maybe Pax just ain’t down with the Budapestian cuisine.

10 Celebs Most in Need of a Day at the Spa

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Another year has drawn to a close and as always, another batch of celebrities has proven that the rigors of stardom, career and family life can take their toll on the fragile body, mind and soul. While the following list is by no means complete, it does reflect a breadth and depth of celebrities who could greatly benefit from the wonders of spa treatments. For thousands of years, going back to the times of Julius Caesar, spa treatments have rejuvenated celebrities so that they could once again shine in the spotlight and bring their talents to the masses. Today, the timelessness of such treatments have endured and the spa is more relevant than ever. So without further adieu, here is the official Talk Spas list of Top 10 Celebrities Most in Need of a Day at the Spa:

10) Julian Assange


julian assange

Poor Julian Assange. All he did was release top secret documents through his WikiLeaks that threatened to compromise the perceived “integrity” of governments and organizations all over the world. How will he ever get out of hot water? (suggested treatment: Cold stone massage)

9) Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan

2010 was a lot like 2009, 2008, and 2007 for Ms. Lohan. Lots of partying and lots of trouble. But 2011 is a new year; one that could prove to be the best party year this tired little starlet has ever had, provided her body is rejuvenated to its fullest potential. (suggested treatment: Thai massage)


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