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Spa Trend: Stem Cell Facial

Monday, April 25th, 2011

There are few instances at a spa where a treatment ends up being controversial, but with a stem cell facial, beauty goes hand-in-hand with controversy.

The stem cell facial is a restorative process that promotes rejuvenation of tissue, skin tightness, natural contour and shape of the face, and requires absolutely no surgery. The process involves topically applying embryonic stem cells to the skin, usually in the form of a cream, and often utilizing gold as a vehicle to allow it to penetrate into the skin. The stem cell facial takes beauty maintenance to a whole new level; while surgery can get rid of an unsightly turkey neck and remove other pockets of drooping fat, stem cell facials can restore aged skin to a soft an succulent state.

Many celebrities are milking the stem cell facial trend for its age-reversing abilities; in a recent episode of TV Guide’s “The Fashion Team”, Denise Richards visits her favorite Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, as he demonstrates on her how stem cells can be topically applied to the skin for a dramatically youthful effect. Her obsession with beauty particularly shines through when she says, “Every time I come here, I ask what do you have that’s new? I’ll try anything!”

Though it may not be a concern for the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, the use of stem cells is not supported across the board. In his book Human Embryonic Stem Cells, author Steve Usdin says, “Ethical judgments about the use of embryonic stem cells in research and therapies flow from the status accorded to the embryo. Those who feel that an embryo is a human being, or should be treated as one because it has the potential to become a person, contend that it is unethical to do anything to an embryo that could not be done to a person.”

For those who are against stem cell research, the fountain of youth-like powers afforded by related treatments, along with potentially many more important ones like cardiac and spinal cord repair, means the battle to ban stem cell use is going to be monumentally difficult.

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