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What is an Eco-Friendly Steam Shower?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

lillypadAny eco-conscious individual understands the importance of energy and water conservation and will be satisfied to know that they no longer have to sacrifice comfort for conservation. A more luxurious alternative to the low-flow steam head, ThermaSol’s steam showers, equipped with the new technological advancement SmartSteam™, maintain the user’s optimal steam room temperature negating the all too common drastic fluctuations in steam temperature.

Most generators use a mechanical power contactor to turn the generator on and off.  As the steam room reaches the desired temperature, the control switches the contactor off. Then, when the room drops in temperature the control activates the contactor again. The SmartSteam system uses a liquid cooled server-duty solid-state relay as the heater control device. This advanced system contains a micro processor control and built-in intelligence. The unit learns the response time required to get the room to a desired temperature and after a few uses, the technology, rather than completely shutting off, can silently pulse the heater allowing the maintenance of the room temperature at a reduced power level. The result? Optimum temperature maintenance and lower energy usage.

Implementing a steam shower in one’s home also conserves a great deal of water. In fact, the water heater is the second most energy consuming unit in the home aside from the heating system. The best way to reduce water heating costs and usage is to increase efficiency and reduce consumption and this can be as simple as incorporating more steam showers into your bathing rituals.

Data supports that steam bath users take considerably shorter showers than those who do not use steam baths. The reasoning is simple: most people spend up to 20 minutes in their steam bath and then complete their bathing routine with a short five to 10 minute shower. Those who do not partake in steam baths take a 20-minute regular shower on average. Here is where the green part comes in: steam baths conserve a great deal more water than regular showers because they only require two gallons of water to power a 20-minute steam bath. Conversely, it takes over 30 gallons of water to power a regular shower for a 20-minute session.

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