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Happy Feet: Top Foot Massages

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Foot massageAll day long, we rely on our feet to take us safely (and quickly) from Point A to Point B. Walking, running, strolling – occasionally in the highest of heels – we put a lot of pressure on our soles, and spas have taken notice that our feet deserve more than your basic TLC. This makes the timing of two new spa packages at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York more apropos – or, in this case, apro-toe – than ever.

Indulge your tired feet with Mohonk Mountain’s High Heeler or the Man on the Go treatments, featuring invigorating foot rubs and massages combined with exercise techniques to stretch aching feet and calves, and reinvigorate your lower limbs. Peppermint-infused oils leave your toes fresh all over, and help bring life back to overworked feet.

On tap at the Chuan Spa’s many international destinations (including locations in Boston and Pasadena) is Tips and Toes, a luxurious 90-minute treatment that works magic from top to bottom. A scalp massage and hand wrap lead into Feet Retreat, Chuan’s solution to the pain of high heels. Designed to enhance circulation and relieve pressure and tension,

Feet Retreat features an aromatic foot compress, an oil and herbal salt-infused rub process, a peppermint, lemon and cypress foot mask, and a relaxing foot massage.
Our feet are our personal transportation to everything. And for all we put them through, they deserve as much pampering as they can get! Look out for foot-focused spa packages and treatments popping up all over the place, so you can put your best foot forward.

Chinese Foot Massage

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Cfoot-bathhinese foot massage is a very popular massage technique that is also extremely affordable. At the not-so-adventurously named Chinese Foot Massage in Woodland Hills, California you can get a full body massage for an hour for just $25. Even though they refer to it is a foot massage, it is much more than that. They don’t tell you what you are getting and there is no menu of services, but it is well worth the mystery. The treatment begins with a foot bath in a warm mineral soak while the masseuse performs a shoulder massage. You then lie down on a recliner on your back, while you receive a scalp and face massage, and then a full body massage even down to of course – the feet. Chinese Foot Massage is certainly a hole in the wall, and in fact it is just one big room where clients are massaged on their own recliner. However, it is well worth the money given the pressure used during the massage as well as the duration. Clients stay fully clothed in whatever they wore in so dress lightly and causally.

Chinese foot massage originated in China over 5,000 years ago, and its concepts are based on healing by stimulating the acupuncture points based on the principle of reflexology. The treatment combines foot massage pressure points and Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese believe that when a blockage of blood circulation occurs in the major nerve points, the flow of energy all through out the body is affected. Using this concept, strokes and methods of this foot massage aims to remove the blockage and stimulate the flow of energy. This type of massage is so popular in China now that the Chinese are starting to replace their traditional business meetings with a gathering at the “parlor” instead.


Some of the proposed benefits of Chinese foot massage include:
– Improved circulation in the limbs
– Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility
– Lowered stress and anxiety
– Improved sleep and less headaches
– Heightened immune system

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