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Geisha Facial – The Truth Behind the Poop

Friday, March 12th, 2010
Geisha Girl with Nightingale

Geisha Girl with Nightingale

While we wouldn’t say that the Geisha Facial is mainstream, this new facial is definitely starting to catch on throughout the US and is much more commonly found in Japan. The secret ingredient to this unique facial is called uguisu no fun in Japanese, or powdered, hygienic, Nightingale droppings.  This traditional Japanese ingredient has been used for centuries by kabuki actors and the Geisha themselves to help keep their skin clean and clear.

The Geisha mask contains a very gentle cleansing solution that is completely natural, yet is able to cleanse the skin and the pores extremely well when compared to chemical alternatives. A rice rub can be combined with this Geisha mask to serve as an exfoliate. The Geisha mask is applied cold and feels calming when applied. It doesn’t really have a smell, besides a subtle scent of rice or oatmeal from the exfoliant. The Geisha powder typically comes from Japan, and is then made into a paste at the spa before the facial. You can expect to spend a bit more on a Geisha facial than other more typical facials (For example, the spa that made this treatment famous, the Shizuka NY Day Spa, commands $180 for a 60 minute treatment).

As knowledge about the Geisha Facial spreads it will no surely become more and more popular. No doubt Hollywood will be the next to catch on!

If you would like to try this unique spa treatment but don’t want to break the bank, you may want to wait for SpaWeek, as the Shizuka NY Day Spa was offering this spa last year for the $50 SpaWeek rate.

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