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State-of-the-Art Steam

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

State-of-the-art Steam

Steam Shower ControlGone are the days of dial-up and black and white television. Consumers have moved on to the faster, more efficient, and more effective ways of the digital age where modern acronyms like HDTV and DSL are household names. Today, all parts of the living space are getting technological makeovers. ThermaSol is ahead of the curve in the bathroom with the only 100% digital Steam Shower System available on the market today. The upgrade wasn’t easy, and ThermaSol dedicated three years of intense engineering to revamp the products in their steam program; bringing every aspect of their Steam Shower to the digital era by incorporating 100% solid-state digital technology.

Steam ShowerAll other steam bath manufacturers use the decades-old analog technology. Analog steam shower systems operate via a unidirectional analog command where an electronic pulse is sent through telephone-style cables to the generator in order to command functions. Any added features like a music-system or lights must be run independently of an analog steam unit and requires an extra cable or cables. With no communication network in place to verify what the specific pulse is, the opportunities for error are endless. The system is also susceptible to uncontrollable influences like voltage spikes or lightning. This can cause the generator to activate and run; which can cause the destruction of a home’s interior and more.

ThermaSol’s 100% digital Steam Shower System provides the only networked system that contains 100% digital communication technology. Everything connected receives and transmits information to ensure that there are no reading errors as to what the command is. Expandability is also easy; features like the Serenity Light & Music System, and the Easy Start Control can be added by simply plugging them into the equipment, and will be detected by the controls to operate accordingly. With a ThermaSol 100% digital Steam Shower System, the bath is an oasis where luxury incorporates the most advanced technology; insuring reliability, convenience and safety.

High-Tech Showers!

Friday, August 14th, 2009
Beautiful Shower

Beautiful Shower

For the first time ever, bathers can now program their steam session outside of the shower with ThermaSol’s Easy Start Control. Instead of stepping inside the shower to start the steam session, users can now program their steam session from up to 50 feet away from the location of the steam generator. Convenient and easy-to-use the Easy Start Control works with either the Signature or Temp-Touch steam shower control. It also allows for one or two user settings. The control is available with a traditional or contemporary edge to match existing spa style. The Easy Start Control is available in 14 designer finishes.

ThermaSol has made steam bathing just a bit more luxurious.

Shower Control

Shower Control

Black Shower Control

Black Shower Control

Since 1958, ThermaSol, creator of the first steam bath unit for the home, has been designing and building the finest and most technologically-savvy steam bath environments available. Today, ThermaSol is the dependable choice of professional plumbers, top designers, architects, builders and homeowners, and is recognized as the worldwide leader in the steam shower industry. As a responsibly green company, ThermaSol’s steam showers require a fraction of the water needed to power a regular shower of the same duration.

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