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Take Your Home Spa Outdoors

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Many homeowners today are asking themselves why only make their indoor living space as luxurious as possible? Why not move some of the luxury outside with fine landscaping, a new pool, a grotto, outdoor shower, waterfall, fireplace, bar & grill, hot tub, sauna, with a detached gym compete with its own steam shower. Especially in the summer months, with outdoor entertaining, the pleasure one can receive from a beautiful outdoor spa is immeasurable.

A Beautiful Outside Spa

Outdoor Spa

By adding many of these features to your home you will not only be increasing the property of your home, but you will also be increasing your quality of life as well as the quality of life of your guests when you are kind enough to invite them to partake in the outdoor spa activities. If you are primarily concerned with increasing your property’s value chose to invest in a quality landscape design, outdoor living space, covered patio, water features or potentially a new or custom pool.

For those of you who have a large outdoor space to work with, my personal favorite outdoor spa feature would have to be the creation of a small, circular lazy river or wave pool that allows you to float around with the motion of the river or tide. Another creative, yet much more inexpensive spa feature would be the creation of a lush, tropical oasis complete with misters that serve to cool you while watering your mini rain forest. Not only will the plants shower you with fresh and healthy Oxygen, but the mist combined with any shade from their foliage will keep you cool in the hot summer months while you enjoy your favorite iced cocktail.

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