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How To Size A Steam Shower Generator

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

This post provided by ThermaSol Steam Showers

There are 2 methods for sizing generators:

Non-ThermaSol Steam Generator Sizing Method:
If you have ever bought a steam generator that was not a ThermaSol then you are well aware of the “formula”:

Provide Length x Width x Height of the room.
Adjustment to room volume for: natural Stones: natural marble, stone, shale, glass block or concrete. Multiply by X.
Ceramic or porcelain tile on cement board or mortar board. Multiply by Y.
Number of glass panels. Add X %.
Any windows or sky lights? Multiply by X.
Then add for outside walls, how many? Add Y for one, Z for 2 etc.
Add X % for ceiling height.
Now calculate your adjusted cubic footage.

After completing this formula that is the equivalent of filling out a “tax return”, chances for error are great and if you have a problem that the generator is not making enough steam, it’s your fault! And, as one of the steam shower manufacturer says… even if you did everything as requested, it’s only a recommendation and if it’s not correct it’s your fault. Other steam shower companies want you to physically send them the plans!

ThermaSol Sizing Method:
Simple Sizing: Length x Width x Height = Cubic Footage; then choose your unit from the Price Schedule.

ThermaSol’s sizing method offers multiple advantages:

1. Simple and can be sized by anyone. (no complicated tax return formula)
2. Little chance to select the wrong generator size. (great potential for error with competitive sizing, and it’s your problem)
3. With a ThermaSol brand steam shower generator you can still buy the correct unit even if you haven’t chosen wall materials. (cannot be done by the competitors; they must know material to size the unit)
4. If you choose a type of tile and then change their mind, it’s no problem. (competitors unit will not be sufficient if they change to a more porous material; huge problem)
5. ThermaSol generator number provides added assurance since the number tells you how many cubic feet it does. (A Pro 240 does 240 cubic feet, a Pro 650 does 650 cubic feet, etc.)
5. For peace of mind there is only one sizing method that makes sense: Simple Sizing by ThermaSol.

ThermaSol, the choice of professionals worldwide since 1958.

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