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Spas for Men

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Though the lumberjack style of bearded man reigns supreme, it has become quite evident that this is simply a front. Today’s men are becoming more and more enthralled with the concept of self-pampering and are now attending spas in record numbers. Indeed, while you see these tough-looking fellows marching down the streets in their flannel shirts and blue jeans, flexing their muscles, looking oh so comfortable, the stark reality is that they haven’t just chopped down a 50ft tree to construct their new log cabin; they’ve been at the spa!

Truth be told, spas are wonderful facilities that offer all sorts of comforting and relaxing activities that not only rejuvenate the body, but also set the mind at ease. Traditionally, they offered a bit of respite for women and allowed them to indulge in all sorts of pleasing and soothing practices; mud baths, massages, steam rooms, saunas, and placing cucumber slices over their eyes. All these practices have been refined over the years to help preserve youthful beauty and place the mind in spiritual wellbeing.

Modern man has taken note. Of course the men of today have become more focused on their appearance, and with research into the benefits of mental stability and overcoming anxiety and stress, placing your mind at ease has never been of more importance. Past practices like drinking and smoking to calm a man’s nerves have been clearly ousted as unhealthy and liable to cause all sorts of health problems. Spas bring about calm, naturally soothing refreshment, and they are catering more and more to male customers.

The Gendarmerie Boutique and Spa

Normal procedures like massages, steam rooms, and saunas are still commonplace, but these male spas also offer extended options like hair grooming, hair removal, hand and foot care, as well as a wide variety of body treatments. One popular spa in West Hollywood is the Gendarmerie, featuring big-screen TV’s and overstuffed leather chairs catering to masculine style. Popular services include hair waxing, facial enhancement, body treatments, and of course, massage.

Another hip LA location catering to men is Hammer & Nails, also in West Hollywood. Similarly themed chairs and TV’s speak to the masculine nature of this place. Additionally, each chair comes with a pair of headphones, allowing visitors to jam to whatever music they so choose, so long as they don’t keep rhythm with their hands or feet, because here is the store’s point of business. In this trendy location, men can have their hands and feet tended to through manicures and pedicures without feeling out of place as they would in a typically female-oriented nail salon.

Across the country in New York City lies the Kiehl’s Spa 1851, with a focus on precision shaves complete with moisturizing oils and creams, and even a eucalyptus-scented towel for softening the hairs in between lathering. The spa also offers body treatments and waxing, as well as a wide variety of nourishing lotions and products to enhance a man’s features and preserve a youthful appearance. Inspired by an apothecary in the neighborhood during the mid 19th century, Kiehl’s Spa 1851 strives to provide nourishment of more modern times, to men.

The stigma that surrounded a man treating himself to a day at the spa has seemingly vanished as more and more men discover just how wonderful and beneficial this experience can be. Just a few years ago, male visits to spas made up just 10% of the total clientele; now that number has expanded to more than a third of all spa visitors!

There’s no shame these days for men seeking the relaxing enjoyment of attending a spa, and as greater numbers of facilities gear themselves to cater to male visitors, the practice will only become more common. It’s really a surprise that men have withheld themselves from such pleasing delights for so long, but as our population strives for further gender equality, men are discovering things historically reserved for women that can benefit them too. It’s quite evident that the modern spa is one which caters to both sexes, offering the same relaxation and mood-enhancing experiences to suit both the man and woman of present times.

Think East: The Asian Spa Revolution

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
Gold Sauna Room

Gold Sauna Room

It was just over a year ago when I first went to Spa Castle, an Asian spa emporium in New York ( I’d heard about it for weeks from an enthusiastic friend who promised to take me on my first outing. You’d think she was making a commission the way she described it. So in my typical jaded fashion, I walked in, awaiting disappointment, mediocrity, and perhaps a whirlpool bath or two, when I saw the grandeur in front of me and never looked back. I was hooked.

Let the Asian spa revolution begin.

Cucumber Facial

Cucumber Facial

A surprising combination of typical Asian saunas and luxurious European spas, Spa Castle, and others like it (including Spa Castle’s branches in Dallas and the Poconos, and similar Los Angeles incarnations like Olympic Spa ( offer a wonderful fusion of east and west, for a spa experience like you’ve never had before. And I don’t say that lightly. That’s because the Asian spa isn’t for everybody. Modesty must be checked at the door (along with your shoes and clothes, which are tucked away separately in neat locking compartments). Most spas issue robes or comfortable outfits to wear as you drift between saunas, pools, quiet meditation rooms, invigorating treatments, and the requisite restaurant (filled with Korean delicacies, and, of course, tea). Some, like Spa Castle, are co-ed, while L.A.’s Olympic Spa only allows women. But both offer relaxation like you could not imagine.

LED Sauna

LED Sauna

Saunas abound – that should be Spa Castle’s motto. With seven sauna rooms (ranging from the L.E.D. room that incorporates color therapy as a means of improving your mood, to the Iceland cold sauna room which improves blood circulation after being immersed in heat), there’s literally something for everyone. And at Olympic Spa, their carefully designed treatment areas leave you renewed, refreshed, and cleansed. From their Charcoal Therapy Room (where naturally formed stone emits oxygen, detoxifying the skin) to the warm mineral pool and oriental clay dry sauna, can you imagine a more rejuvenating and unique experience? And all for a flat day rate. That’s right – admission to the spas include access to all rooms, for nearly as long as you’d like. For anything extra (like massages, reflexology, shiatsu, and skin scrubs), you simply pay-per-treatment.

Different? Absolutely. Amazing? Without question. A day at an Asian spa is a wonderful and relaxing experience, and a fascinating look into spa fusion of the future.

Holiday Spa Specials

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Everyone likes to get a good deal during the holidays, and purchasing spa products and services are no exception. Here is a short list of great deals you can find this holiday season on some amazing spa products and services.

Jane Inc. has a luxury line of spa products. Many are made with organic ingredients. During the holidays prices will be slashed by 75+% for first-quality merchandise (most in original packaging).  Jane Inc. has soothing microwavable body wraps, neck wraps and spa booties that normally retail at around $40 but now will be available at the rock bottom prices of $6-$8. If you are looking for something else then they also have hand-knitted covers for hot water bottles (perfect for the cold weather) for $10, sleep pillows filled with lavender for only $6, and other miscellaneous spa merchandise ranging from $1-$20. If you own a spa, you can even get an amazing deal on fragrance oils and essential oils in 5-gallon cans that usually cost as much as $350, will now priced from $5 to $25.

The Napa River Inn, in Napa, California is offering a Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Getaway. This deal includes a standard room for $189 a night (normally $210) between November 23rd to November 29th plus a free spa treatment at La Pelle Skin Spa & Boutique and a free pumpkin pie. Guests are required to book a two night stay, but if you are in the area and want to get away this Turkey-Day, then this mini-retreat might be perfect for you. For reservations call (877) 251-8500.

The Oasis Day Spa is having a Black Friday sale on November 27th at their two locations in Manhattan and a grand new venue in Westchester New York. For one day only, the Black Friday Sale will be available both in the spa as well as on their website. Specials will include 15% off all gift card purchases (use the promo code BFBS15), a free $20 gift card with every $150 spa boutique purchase (use the promo code BFBS20), a free $50 gift card with every $300 spa boutique purchase (use the promo code BFBS%0), and a free $100 gift card with every $500 spa boutique purchase (use the promo code BFB100). If you are looking for an excellent gift, or just want to get a deal on spa treatments to pamper yourself with then this sale is perfect for you.

The Chocolate Spa, a part of the Hershey Entertainment & Resort company is having a longer spa sale on their services at their location in Hershey Pennsylvania. Take your pick from either a Holiday Spa Day Package that will include an Incense-Infused Massage, Peppermint Pattie Salt Scrub & Chocolate Fondue Wrap, Peppermint Anti-Aging Facial plus a Lunch in The Oasis for $420. Total spa package length is 4 1/2 hours and is available until January 15th, 2010. You can also get a deal on a Holiday Season Sampler that is available until the end of the year and includes three treatments rolled into one 80 minute experience for $165. With this package you will get a Full Body Exfoliation, Hydrating Spice Wrap and Holiday Spice Massage.

SpaFinder’s 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

What a great year for spas 2009 has been! This year’s Spa Finder’s Readers’ Choice Award winners are comprised of a diverse group of spas that all have a special something about them that has helped them to stand out amongst the ever growing number of spas. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Visionary Award

SpaFinder’s annual Visionary Award is bestowed on an influential leader in the worlds of spa and wellness. This year’s winner is: Dr. Andrew Weil Founder and Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Director of Integrative Health and Healing at Miraval Arizona

Best for Accommodations

Bacara Resort & Spa (California, USA)
California Health & Longevity Institute at Four Four Seasons Westlake Village (California, USA)
The Cloister Spa & Fitness Center at Sea Island (Georgia, USA)
Crown Towers Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)
Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo (Costa Rica)
Green Valley Spa & Wellness Center (Utah, USA)
Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria (New York, USA)
The Mayflower Inn & Spa (Connecticut, USA)
The Peninsula Chicago Spa by ESPA (Illinois, USA)
The Peninsula New York Spa by ESPA (New York, USA)

Spa Industry Booming Despite Recession

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

DESPITE the recession, the spa and wellness sector is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.

A boom in the development of hotel and inner city spas and salons across major cities, from Dubai to New York and London, has brought with it a renewed demand for skilled spa professionals, from therapists and beauticians up to spa managers, operators and developers.

With this demand for skills, comes great opportunities for those looking for a challenging new career… Excerpt taken from

Read more here.

Spa Week NYC 2009 Recap

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Spa Week was just held in New York City this past week (October 12-18) and was a great success. Many came out to treat themselves, or to get a break from the cold and damp weather that New York was receiving and others came out just to try something new.

If you didn’t make an appointment early, then you most likely missed out because everything was booked up weeks in advanced. The good news is that many of spas that were included in Spa Week, and even spas that were not in NYC are now extending the Spa Week $50 offers. If you still are looking to take advantage of these $50 deals then you should call one of the participating spas and you may be able to get the Spa Week deal. One such spa is the Crystal Resort & Spa in Thompsonville Michigan, where they have made all of their treatments $50. The Spa at Westwood in Westwood New Jersey has also extended the $50 deal to all massages and facials and if you’re in the Boston area you can visit the Adara Spa for $50 deals until the end of the month.

Some Spa Week highlights that were mentioned on Twitter include great treatments at a great price by Tribeca Beauty Spa and Haven, successful facials by The Red Door spa. Some people were wishing that every city in the country had a Spa Week while others were trying out new new treatments like eyelash extensions were tested out or going to the Hotel ZaZa for treatments with their girlfriends. Not all the talk was 100% positive as one reviewer tweeted that they had a nice facial but have had better in the past.

All in all it seems to have been a great Spa Week, as many enjoyed excellent treatments at great prices. We’ll be looking forward to the next Spa Week event!

5 Amazing Destination Spas in the U.S.

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Planning a trip this fall or winter? If so, you might want to look at the below list of destination spas and resorts to add to your vacationing plans. Here are just a few of our favorite luxury spas in the United States:

Spa Chakra

Spa Chakra

Formerly known as Cornelia Day Resort, the Spa Chakra on Fifth is located on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York City. This spa features 60 therapeutic treatments for the face and body at one of Manhattan’s finest hair salons. The spa’s design, decor and surroundings are magnificent and the treatments are amazing. They use products from the June Jacobs Collection which are all natural, while being paraben and preservative free. If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to Age Defying Enhanced Facials, this is the place to get the best treatment that will leave you looking flawless and just ecstatic about the results from your treatment.

Eleven Spa

Eleven Spa

If you’re looking for more of a glitzy and glamorous spa then you HAVE to take a trip to the Eleven Spa in Las Vegas. As one of the top spas in Vegas, the unique design of the spa alone is worth going for. Like everything in Vegas, this luxury spa is big, boasting 20,000 square feet and located on the Vegas strip in the 1.5 million square foot lifestyle center known as the Town Square. The spa has amazing features such as a fantasy pool area with crystal chandeliers that drip into the water, twenty-eight treatment rooms, six makeup stations, a signature brow bar and more. This is definitely a spa experience you will never forget.

Element Spa

Element Spa

The Elements Spa in Vernon, New Jersey was rated the #1 spa in New Jersey and was among the top 30 spas in the US. This luxury spa is a very special Shangri la, where the healing powers of the earth have been incorporated into breathtaking design and rejuvenating services. The interior of Elements Spa brings the beauty of the outdoors in, with hand-painted earthscape walls sparkling with bits of mica, textured stone surfaces, illuminated rice paper artwork, hammered copper fixtures, natural fabrics and truly unique rainwalls, dripping with thousands of silver beads.  The spa offers special golfer-friendly massages and pedicures. The signature treatment is the “Elemental Journey,” a salt scrub followed by a lounge in a soaking tub with its own little waterfall which is big enough for two. The spa has all the amenities of a large resort, including a nearby fitness center and seven heated indoor and outdoor regular pools. The spa also offers consultations with plastic surgeons upon request.

Canyon Ranch Spa

Canyon Ranch Spa

The Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas is another must visit spa. We love this spa and wrote about it earlier this year (Canyon Ranch Spa). There are two Canyon Ranch spas in Vegas, one at the Venetian and one at The Palazzo. The luxury of this calming retreat incorporates the philosophy of a premier health vacation resort with their rejuvenating facials, soothing body treatments, relaxing massages, energizing fitness classes and expert salon finishing touches.

Mayflower Spa

Mayflower Spa

The Mayflower Inn & Spa is located in Washington, Connecticut, only two hours from New York, and is perfect for those who prefer a cozy, traditional, New Englander feel to their spa.  Here you can choose several ways to access an experience that provides the finest in nourishing, energizing, purifying and restorative treatments as well as soul-enhancing rituals and a vast array of classes. Outside the hotel and spa the gardens and surrounding areas provide a beautiful setting, the perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing stroll or just some peace and quiet. Their large list of treatments includes facials, eye and lip treatments, Soul-Enhancing Rituals such as a Thermal Sanctuary Experience, Scrubs – Rubs and Soaks, Massages, Activities, Mind and Spirit treatments and more.

Spa Week Starts Next Week!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Spa Week

Spa Week

Get ready once again for Spa Week! This is the second installment of Spa Week for 2009 and is being held in New York from October 12 to the 18th. The founder of Spa Week, Cheryl Reid, created this special event as a way for New Yorkers to get a bit of quiet relaxation in the frantic world of NYC. Travelers and New Yorkers alike come to unwind, while experiencing the relaxing spa lifestyle at for an affordable price of $50 per service (when normally these treatments would cost $100-$200).

Spas in the New York metro area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island are participating. Some spas participating include: Jurlique, Clarins Skin Spa, and Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Plaza. Various services offered include: body wraps, massage, facials, pedicures, and laser hair removal at $50 dollars each. Want to test a new treatment, or are you long overdue for your treatment? You can get a great deal on everything spa related during Spa Week. The first day to book appointments was September 11th, and waiting lists are already filling up so make sure to book ahead. For a full article on how to get around Spa Week, take a look at our “Spa Week Splurge” entry here:

Click Here for Tips for Spa Week

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