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Aromatherapy for the Mind and Body: Part 2

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Now that you’ve unlocked the healing benefits of aromatherapy and steam, it’s time for an indulgent upgrade. While Thermasol’s Essential Oils offer a wide range of therapeutic and aromatic benefits, their line of Precious Reserve Oils take aromatherapy to the next level. Like fine wines, these high grade oils are distilled in small batches and sold in very small amounts, making them more expensive to produce but more potent and concentrated. Sourced directly from rural distilleries worldwide, these reserve oils are organically certified and free of pesticides and other contaminants.

To get the rejuvenating effects of Precious Reserve Oils, you only need to add 2 to 4 drops to the steamhead reservoir before your steam session. Or you can add them directly to your bathwater for soothing and sensuous aromas.

Which oil is right for you? Check out the list below for the different properties they offer.


Give Your Mom a Spa Gift for Mother’s Day

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Chances are your mother has been working hard this year and may not have had the opportunity to indulge herself with a trip to the spa. Carnations are always a nice gift, but she gets to look at them for a few days and then they die. Why not try stepping up your game this Mother’s Day by giving her some spa products that will leave her relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle another year of motherhood. Bring the spa to her with these spa-centric gift ideas.

Six Pack of Aromatherapy Essential Oils from ThermaSol

This year you can get your mother a six pack of Aromatherapy Essential Oils that will last her until next year’s Mother’s Day. If you mom has a steam shower, or an essential oil diffuser than this could just be her favorite spa gift of the year! The essential oil six pack includes French Lavender, Portuguese Eucalyptus and Italian Bergamot Madagascar Ylang Ylang, French Rosemary and Egyptian Geranium oils.

Essential Oil Six Pack

Essential Oil Six Pack

The Theramasol Six Pack of Aromatherapy Essential Oils costs $99 at


Will You Be Giving The Gift of Spa This Year?

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Will you be giving the gift of spa this year?

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Luxurious Spa Gifts

Holiday Spa Specials

Luxurious Spa Gifts

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

There are a number of amazing spa gifts you can get for your friends and family this year, but if you’re looking to go the extra mile by shelling out the big bucks you might consider one of these luxurious spa gifts:

1. Crystal Massage Therapy: For centuries people have worn crystal and jade because of the belief that they contained healing properties. These treatments are widespread across Asia and are spreading into Europe and western society. Although there is no medical proof that crystals, diamonds or jade hold any healing benefits, if the person that you are giving this gift to believes that they do have healing benefits, then it’s as good as if they have been proven by the medical society. You can purchase these services at a number of high end spas, including the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Twelve Apostles Hotel and Sanctuary Spa in Cape Town and Twelve Apostles Hotel and Sanctuary Spa in Cape Town. Read more about Crystal Massage Therapy here.

Crystal Massage

Crystal Massage

2. Gold Facial: The 24 Karat Gold Facial has become more and more popular in the past decade, because of it’s ability to reduce file lines on the face and to prevent aging. This treatment is only available at a handful of spas and beauty centers in the country, including the Veronica Spa in Malibu California, where they use 24 Karat Gold, Gama PGA and Nano Mist technology to help lighten, brighten and hydrate your skin to leave it firmer and younger feeling. The Willow Stream Spa At Fairmont Newport Beach also offers a gold facial using the same technique as the Veronica Spa. Read more about gold facials here.

Gold Facial

Gold Facial

3. Luxury Spa Retreat: Who wouldn’t want to get away from it all, to have nothing to worry about but relaxing and enjoying high end treatments and services? There are hundreds, if not thousands of luxury spas in the country, all which offer nothing but the highest level of service with their luxury treatments. You can find a full, complete list of luxury spas in the US through the use of Spa Finder’s search tool.

Two Bunch Palms Resort

Two Bunch Palms Resort

4. Installation of a Steam Shower – The ultimate spa gift is having your own luxury steam shower. A steam shower will bring with it an added luxury that will not only increase the value of your home, but also increase your enjoyment and add endless home spa options to your home relaxation. Steam showers can be affordable, but make sure to have the pros install it if you don’t trust yourself with the installation because no gift should turn into a project gone wrong.

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

Giving the Gift of Spa – Top 10 Spa Gifts

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Now that Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving looms on the horizon, now might be a good time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays. There are different levels of spa treats you can give to your friends, family or loved ones, depending on how much spa you want to dish out. Here is a top ten list of spa gifts you can start to think about for the holidays!

Boon Flow10. Scented Bath Candles -Scented candles are a nice gesture for a friend or relative that you know will enjoy them while soaking in the bath. Be careful as to who you give this gift too though, as it could appear as a very generic gift for someone that wouldn’t typically enjoy this gift.

9. Bubble Bath DispenserOur favorite bubble bath dispenser is the Boon Flow bubble bath dispenser which also serves as a faucet protector for the kids. This is a great gift that I’m sure your recipient will have never heard of and will enjoy for years to come. Perfect for the bubble bath lover of course!   One of our editors just purchased this product and has told us that this bubble bath dispenser does not produce good bubbles, but it is good as a faucet protector for the kids. 

hydrosol-aromatherapy8. Aromatherapy Hydrosols and Essential Oils – Hydrosols and Essential oils are perfect for those that have a steam shower, or that are serious about relaxing in their bathtub or home spa. This is great gift for a loved one, because then you can actually hand deliver the treatment in a sweet way by drawing the tub for your loved one, starting the steam shower, spraying the hydrosol mist or dripping the essential oils on the steam shower head. Take this gift to the next level by following through and setting your loved one up with a romantic time for relaxation.

7. Thermal Spa Bath Mat – This is another excellent gift for someone that loves to be in the tub. If someone you know spends a lot of time soaking, then let them take their soak to the next level with this Thermal Spa Bath Mat. This gift has an a adjustable neck massager pad, dual back massager, footrest with bubbles, vibration, massage and rotating rollers for sore achy feet, soft, comfortable padding throughout, allover bubbling action with level selector and comes with a remote control.

ugg-slippers6. Slippers -Buying that special someone a new set of very nice slippers is an amazing gift that they can use when indulging in a home spa. This is one gift that you absolutely cannot cheap out on however, because there’s nothing worse than a pair of cheap slippers that only last a month, or worse yet, are never ever comfortable. We recommend a pair of Ugg designer slippers that typically cost around $100 a pair. When you are picking out this gift, make sure you choose between slippers that will be used at home vs. slippers that will be used out, at a day spa.

5. Bath Robe – A nice, new robe can be expensive, but if you really want to give someone something that they would never spend money on for themselves, then a new robe might just be perfect. This is another item you cannot cheap out on, because there is nothing worse than a cheap robe. You will have to spend at least $100 for a good quality robe, and really nice, designer robes are more around $300-500. Robes are perfect gifts for those that like to relax at home and for those that spend a lot of the time in the home spa or master bath.

4. Day Spa Gift Certificate – Now this may seem like a very generic spa gift, but if you get someone a $100-$200 gift certificate to an amazing, high-end spa that is known for its architectural values, treatments and customer service… your gift will be well received. Make sure you don’t just get a gift certificate from some place down the road, and really research the best spas in and around. Nothing is better than sending someone to a swanky, luxury spa that they would normally never get to experience.

girls in sauna3. Spa Party – Most spas now have “Day Spa Party” packages that allow you to buy a gift for one or two people that will also allow them to bring a friend or two. Enjoying the spa with friends or loved ones is a great way to experience a new spa, and the same rules apply from the Day Spa Gift Certificate, make sure it’s a good spa that will leave them with a long lasting memory of delight. You can also have the spa party at home by having the equivalent of a catered “home spa party”. Both of these options will cost you a pretty penny, but are quite the spa experience that will not soon be forgotten.

ThermasolControl2. Hot Tub – Expanding your home spa is not a trivial task, nor is it easy on the wallet but if you’ve just had a major anniversary or are looking to improve your indoor or outdoor space or the retail value of your home, then a new Hot Tub might just be the perfect gift. Picture whether or not many romantic nights will be had in the hot tub before you decide to purchase one, as there’s nothing worse than an expensive gift like a hot tub that never gets used.

1. Steam Shower – The ultimate spa gift is having your own luxury steam shower. A steam shower will bring with it an added luxury that will not only increase the value of your home, but also increase your enjoyment and add endless home spa options to your home relaxation. Steam showers can be affordable, but make sure to have the pros install it if you don’t trust yourself with the installation because no gift should turn into a project gone wrong.

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