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Spa Theft: Watch Your Credit at the Spa

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011


A visit to spa is always one of luxury, pampering and peace of mind. Or at least that’s what we thought. Recent headlines in the news have made it abundantly clear that the spa can be a magnet for unsavory criminals who are seeking to steal from the often well-heeled clientele who pay big dollars for high-end treatments. Often times, it’s the spa owners themselves who are doing the stealing.

It wasn’t long ago that a Granite Bay, California spa owner was arrested on suspicion of identity theft, grand theft and, fraudulent use of an access card. The owner was brought to the attention of authorities by way of forty customers who had filed complaints about double and triple billing after visiting the spa. The owner was also accused of charging customers for products and services using two non-existent companies. Another case of spa theft targeted celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Anne Hathaway, Melanie Griffith and Liv Tyler – the latter was allegedly hit with $200K-plus in fraudulent spa credit card charges over a five month period. The spa in question was one located in Beverly Hills, California that specifically catered to wealthy celebrities who make prime targets for crooked spa owners. Celebs often have several handlers who comb through their finances and incorrect charges can easily go undetected for months, or even forever.

Celebrity or not, it’s a good idea to do as much research on a spa as possible, utilizing the services of organizations like the Better Business Bureau before heading in for services and offering up your card for payment. And of course, monitor those credit card statements on a regular basis so you don’t end up with $200K in charges like that aforementioned starlet.

Spa Basics – How to get the most from your Spa Experience

Monday, October 5th, 2009

In today’s hustle and bustle world some people feel the need to rush through their spa treatment. Unfortunately, this happens at all types of spas from the home spa to the day spa to the spa at your gym. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to enjoy your next spa treatment to the fullest:

  1. Make an appointment – If you are going to a day spa or resort, you should book your appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary stress. If you don’t book ahead of time, you might end up waiting hours for an appointment to open up or end up wasting your time because the appointment book is full. In addition, make sure you know where you’re going if you’re visiting a new spa. You don’t  want to miss your appointment because you got lost on your way there. If you are planning on giving yourself a treatment at home, the same can be said. Make sure that you have blocked out a good amount of time to fully enjoy yourself.
  2. Relax – It sounds like common sense, but with all the stress in the world – people can still be tense and anxious when they really should be relaxing. One relaxation technique I personally do is to close my eyes and begin relaxing every muscle in my body, starting at my toes and going all the way up to the top of my head. You can use this technique at any spa.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind – I recently went for a Thai massage and almost ruined my own experience because I was too shy to ask the masseuse to be gentler or even to avoid my knees all together. When the masseuse was pulling my legs while sitting on my knees I was experiencing a very uncomfortable pain, but didn’t speak up. If I had spoken up the experience would have been a 100% better, but because I didn’t ask the masseuse beforehand, or during the massage to avoid my knees, a portion of the massage was unpleasant. Don’t be afraid to tell the one providing your services what you like or dislike, just do so in a respectful and kind manner.
  4. Drink water – Make sure to drink water before, during and after your spa treatments. Drinking water is especially important when getting a massage, using a steam room or getting a facial. If your spa doesn’t provide water, then bring your own as you will have a much better and healthier experience.
  5. Ask questions – If you are unfamiliar with something or have a question about a treatment just ask. This will help you with tip #3 by speaking up if something makes you uncomfortable or if there’s another technique you would prefer.

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