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Tax Time Increases Trips to the Spa

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Although the title “Tax Time Causes More Trips to the Spa” has not been proven in any way, shape or form, it makes sense doesn’t it? Tax time is a stressful time when many people spend the last day possible staying up all night trying to cram through their taxes. Many more people are filing their taxes online, which has led to an easier experience and less of a deadline to worry about, but for those that are spending tonight finishing up their taxes, I suggest you treat yourself to your favorite spa services as a way of celebrating getting your taxes done… even if it IS at the last second.

Tax Angst

Tax Angst

Some of our suggestions for tax day celebratory spa treatments include:

  • Deep tissue massage – Get all that icky tax day stress out with a nice, long, deep tissue massage at your local spa
  • Steam away the stress – Start up the steam shower and steam away all the stress and sweat out all the tax grime that came along with tax day
  • Tax day facial – Put on a new face for 2010 by treating yourself to a facial and look like a different person for the rest of the year
  • Manicure – Now that you’ve broken a nail or two filling out your taxes, it’s time to get them fixed up with a post-tax-day mani

We know that this post may not bring relief to those that still have to spend the night finishing up their taxes, but just think of what you can treat yourself too when the refund comes in!

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