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PowerFlush Feature On Your Steam Shower

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

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Inner-tank maintenance; are you aware that there is only one system that actually works?  PowerFlush is standard on all ThermaSol generators, it is the only bona fide inner-tank cleaning system.

Other Steam Showers:
These steam shower manufacturers have terms such as “Flushing System” sound good but the reality unfortunately does not live up to the verbage. Each of the competitors use inaffective gravity drains whether manual or auto. The water within the tank is released and drained via gravity, nothing more.

Imagine a pot with a 1/2 inch drain hole at the bottom. Pour some Corn Flakes to cover the bottom of the pot then add water or milk filling half the pot. Let it sit over night. The next day remove the drain plug. What happens? The water or milk will slowly find its way through the Corn Flakes and drip out virtually leaving all the corn flakes in the pot. This analogy demonstrates the system used to try and clean the inner-tank in competitive generators. Unfortunately gravity alone doesn’t suffice.

ThermaSol Steam Shower Generator Method:
PowerFlush, was specifically designed to purge calcification build-up from the inner-tank. This unique system uses a combination of household water-line pressure (40 to 80 lbs) and specially designed inner-tank “speed slots” to increase the water pressure. This water pressure effectively sweeps the bottom of the tank removing build-up.

Picture the same pot but rather than just having a drain plug it was used as a water inlet. Now, instead of draining the tank via gravity you PowerFlush the Corn Flakes from the bottom of the tank, and out the top. There would be a compelling difference in the amount of Corn Flakes removed when using pressure rather than gravity.

1. To remove sediment from the tank it requires pressure. (gravity alone does not work)
2. PowerFlush increases the lifespan of your generator. (your personal maintenance man)
3. By using the drain as a water inlet you’re no longer required to plumb it to a drain. (installation savings, only from ThermaSol)
4. There is only one effective inner-tank cleaning system, PowerFlush.

ThermaSol, the choice of professionals worldwide since 1958.

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