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The History of Steambathing: A 5,000 Year-Old Tradition

Friday, May 18th, 2012

History of Steambathing

Talk Spas recently stumbled upon an old ThermaSol steambath traveler’s guide from 1983. Besides the thrill of taking a trip down 1980s bathroom design memory lane, we were excited to come across an article about the history of steambathing detailing its orgins dating back to Ancient Greece. We thought it would be a fun piece to share with the Talk Spas readers. Below you will find the text of the article for your reading pleasure.

Steambathing goes back over 5,000 years to the time of ancient Greece. Back then, the leisure class traveled days and weeks to hot springs and spas where geothermal underground waterways created their own natural “steambaths.” Like the Romans, and American Indians who followed, these ancient aristocrats went to great lengths to find these wonders of nature. Why? Because it was well worth the effort! For one thing, the gentle, moist steam vapors relaxed them in a way that no libation or physical stimulation could. The steam seemed to penetrate their very souls, and gave them both instantaneous and long-lasting relief and comfort. But in addition to merely feeling good, even the early Greeks were quick to notice that steambathing seemed to have tangible physical and therapeutic advantages as well: muscular aches and pains as well as symptoms of respiratory ailments such as deep coughing and congestion were relieved, if not actually cured. Indeed, before long going to the steambaths literally became known as “taking the cure.”

As word of steambathing spread through the Empire, so did its popularity. And so an indulgence that was once reserved only for the aristocracy became sought after by the common man as well.

Now, 5,000 years later, the benefits of steambathing are still in high demand. Health spas throughout the world tout steambathing as a key…and often central…part of their programs. Why? Because what was true 5,000 years ago still holds true today…steambathing is the ultimate indulgence, in both physical and psychological terms.

Today, steambathing is recognized for many specific physical benefits. It deep cleanses the pores and rids the skin of embedded dirt, thus aiding the treatment of acne. It penetrates the respiratory system to relieve hacking coughs and croup. (If you’re a smoker…or prone to frequent chest colds…you’ll immediately appreciate this benefit. And if you have children, you know that doctors frequently recommend “steaming” as a way to break up congestion. You’ll doubly appreciate our recessed steam heads which are specially made to receive medicated scents which aid bronchial congestion.) Steam also dilates the blood vessels to help relieve headaches and hangovers. It warms and soothes aching muscles, joints and tendons. And it helps restore a healthy glow to sallow complexions. But most of all, a personal steambath just plain feels terrific!

Of course, Thermasol wasn’t around 5,000 years ago, but we are the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of personal steambaths. In fact, Thermasol literally invented the category of personal steambathing in 1958 when David Altman, the President and Founder of Thermasol, was commissioned to create a personal steambath for a private residence on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. In 1971, after 13 successful years of supplying homeowners and health clubs with the world’s finest steambath equipment, Thermasol decided to install steambaths in hotels. Not surprisingly, the idea caught on immediately: travel weary guests started insisting on Thermasol-equipped rooms when they made reservations, and hotel owners responded by offering more and more Thermasol units in their rooms. In fact, hotels and motels are converting to Thermasol at such a fast rate that it is impossible for us to keep this traveler’s guide up-to-the-minute…always ask for Thermasol when you check in, even if your destination isn’t listed in the guide. Truly, Thermasol is “changing the way the world bathes!”

Now that we’ve explained how and why steambathing got so popular, we hope you’ll enjoy your Thermasol room even more. If your room isn’t equipped with Thermasol, we suggest that you call the front desk and ask if any Thermasol rooms are available.

Some more pages taken from the traveler’s guide (click on image to enlarge):

thermasol fits every lifestyle

If you cant set a timer, you can operate a Thermasol Ultima Spa.

Our whirlpool works wonders too!

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