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Angkor Century Resort & Spa

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Angkor Century Resort

Angkor, in Cambodia, is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia. The region contains magnificent remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, spanning from the 9th to the 15th century, and includes the famous Temple of Angkor Wat. A visit to the region is the trip of a lifetime, and if you do go, why not stay in an accommodation that offers a world-class spa to facilitate all of your relaxation needs? The Angkor Century Resort & Spa, a 5 star deluxe resort property set within lush tropical gardens covering an area of 9-acres, can do exactly that.

Angkor Century massage

Only a 15-minute drive from the Angkor Temples, Angkor Century Resort & Spa is located on an 8-acre tropical garden in the heart of Siem Reap City. The resort’s interiors offer a tasteful blend of elegant Khmer design coupled with contemporary western art. Guests may choose from 190 stylishly-appointed rooms and suites that reflect the needs of the traveler, including: the Deluxe Suite, which faces the swimming pool and the gardens, and is bathed in elegant and convenient light, and romantic innate colors; the Century Suite, which is elegant and aptly sized, and consists of a private living room and a guestroom; and the Executive Suite, which offers grand accommodations with an extended seating area and a 15 square foot private balcony overlooking the swimming pool and gardens. With regards to dining and drinking, Angkor Century Resort & Spa offers numerous options including: the Grand View Coffee House, which offers a wide selection of local, Asian and Western delights, as well as great outdoor barbeques and Cambodian cultural dance shows; and the Lagoon Pool Bar, which overlooks the lagoon near the pool, and is the perfect place for informal drinks after a walk in the lustrous garden. (more…)

Spa Trend: Take a “Man-cation”, Save Your Life

Monday, March 21st, 2011



Here are a few facts for you: American men are routinely overwhelmed by stress – even more so than women. Men experience coronary artery disease 15 to 20 years before women, and twice as many men will die from it than women. Even beginning in the womb, the male fetus is at greater risk of death or damage from all sorts of awful obstetric dangers that can occur before birth.

So what can men do to bring some peace into their lives and reduce their dangerous stress levels? They can take a man-cation. A man-cation, as it sounds, is the act of a man going on a unique vacation that distances him from the pressures of daily life that build up and potentially bring him fatal harm. While a vacation may take him to Vegas or a golfing resort, a man-cation takes him somewhere far more tranquil and healing. And why shouldn’t a man treat himself to such relaxation? Historically, women have been hitting the spa to pamper themselves and relax; with the proven results they have been achieving, it’s time that more men follow their lead into the world of healing therapies. Massage and other relaxing body treatments are ideal for men with high stress levels, tension and anxiety. Just a half hour of undergoing stress and tension reducing treatments can significantly reduce a man’s chances of experiencing a heart attack.

We all know that some men are reluctant to go to the spa fearing that their masculinity is at stake, but when the benefits of doing so are so great, a man-cation to the spa is the only way to go.

The above statements about spas have not been medically evaluated. Always consult your physician before undergoing any spa treatments.

Bathing in Bulgaria

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


When most people think of Bulgaria, one of the first things that come to mind is, well, nothing. Bulgaria, unlike titans-of-tourism Italy, France and Greece, is not on the radar of most travelers. How unfortunate it is, being that this Eastern European country is in fact a gem; incredible beaches, uncrowded ski resorts, delectable cuisine and expertly cultivated wines all characterize the nation. Maybe even more surprising to some is the country’s standing as one of the most inviting, and comprehensive, spa and wellness regions in all of Europe.

With over 800 springs varying in chemical compositions and boasting a multitude of healing minerals, curative mud and clay sources gaining their disease-curing properties from the Black Sea, and a climate that facilitates the growth of a plethora of meditative herbs, Bulgaria is undoubtedly one of the premier spa destinations in the world. The country’s history as a healing center dates back to ancient times when the Romans established spa centers in cities including Sofia, Sandanski and Kyustendil. In fact, the Emperor Maximilianus visited Bulgaria simply so he could bathe in a spring and treat his rheumatic disorder.


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